LOOK: Photographs of BCP Students Before the Deadly Accident

LOOK: Photographs of BCP Students Before the Deadly Accident

Original Image Source: Sam Garcia Vidal

It was totally unexpected. Students from Bestlink College of the Philippines did not expect the tragedy that happened to their classmates who died in a tragic accident on February 20, Monday.

It was supposed to be a happy and exciting field trip as the students were set to do camping at Sacramento Adventure Camp in Tanay as part of the National Service Training Program. With a happy smile painted on their faces en route to their camping site, they took several photographs which were then posted on Facebook.

Sam Garcia Vidal, who was feeling excited posted their pictures on her personal facebook account with a caption ‘OTW TANAY RIZAL. #CAMPING #BSIT1201.’

But then, the accident happened at around 8:45 a.m as the bus was traveling downhill on an accident-prone dead curve in Sitio Bayucal, Barangay Sampaloc. The bus lost its brakes which prompted the driver to hit an electrical post and a tree to halt the bus. The roof of the bus was ripped and scattered around the victims’ belonging due to the strong impact.

13 passengers and the bus driver were declared dead while about 40 others were injured and are brought to nearby hospitals for immediate medical aid.

The family of the fatalities wept upon hearing the news saying that their child shouldn’t have joined the trip.

The news then circulated like a wildfire which many netizens were saddened about the dreadful accident and sending their condolences to the victims’ families.

Now, students of BCP has changed their facebook profile picture into a black ribbon expressing their condolences to the families of the victims.


Survived BCP Students expressed their condolences.


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