Pilian Cafe: Enjoy Delicious Food Without the Guilt

Pilian Cafe: Enjoy Delicious Food Without the Guilt

Pilian or (more phonetically correct) Pili-an is a Cebuano word and an informal adjective that means “choosy.” A new, but different kind of lifestyle café opened in Cagayan de Oro with a grand blessing and opening on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. This is the Pilian Café.

In choosing the name “Pilian” for the restaurant, the name comes from the fact that the owners are “choosy” in a sense that they choose only the best and healthiest food for their customers. Mrs. Marle M. Noble, the originator, is a vegetarian and an advocate on Cancer awareness, together with the other partner-proprietor, Mr. Bayron.

The grand opening of the café, of course, started with a simple blessing. This was followed by the ribbon cutting then a small introduction of the owners, who also gave short talks about the new café.

After this, all the guests were treated to try their healthy dishes from a prepared buffet, with vegetarian foods like veggie sisig, oatmeal brownies, vegetarian lumpia, veggie chicharon (Giecharon), vegetarian pasta, vegetable salad, yam pie, cucumber smoothie and Singaporean coffee that was unlimited.

Media personalities and bloggers present at the grand opening included Maia Poblete, Kim Zaldivar, Mark Francisco, Ercel Maandig, and for About Cagayan de Oro: KC Curay and Alvin Curay.

Pilian Café, located at the Center Point Arcade along Domingo Velez Street and Corrales Avenue, is under the auspices of the Pilian Manufacturing and Distribution Corporation (PMDC), whose main office is at Lt. Guillermo Street in Cogon.

Pilian Café specializes in the service of foods in their menu that caters to vegetarian and vegan diets. While serving only the freshest vegetables and fruits for their dishes, as well as using the healthiest meat alternatives, the café also serves the PMDC’s flagship product that is the Smart Bites.

These healthy wonder snacks come in two variants: the so-called Giecharon (gee-charon), a pure vegetable chicharon-inspired fried snack; and the Mookie, a grains, nuts, and fruit cookie that looks and tastes like muffins.


As advocates in Cancer awareness, the meals and products from Pilian Café and PMDC are introduced in the café-kitchen-and-lifestyle store for the general public’s healthy consumption.


The Pilian Café lifestyle hub brings healthy food preparation together with healthier choices of skin and hair care, as well as diet and fitness. Both the café and PMDC are the first in Cagayan de Oro with this concept.

Pilian Café and PMDC are also partners with AMNoble Nature’s Blessing, which specializes in organic beauty products like essential oils, soaps, lotions, and many others. Generally, their statements focused on promoting healthy foods and lifestyle in Cagayan de Oro in an industry that has been saturated by meat products.


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