Boodle Foodie: Places Where You Can Enjoy Boodle Fight in CDO

Boodle Foodie: Places Where You Can Enjoy Boodle Fight in CDO

boodle fight in cdo

As pinoys, we are known for eating food with our bare hands. It is our way of showing how much we love to eat.

Ever heard of boodle fights? Usually, the food is prepared on large-sized banana leaves on top of a table. People are then gathered around and grab food when they can. Fun right?

So, if you are looking for boodle places here in Cagayan de Oro, just keep scrolling!

Boy Zugba

Where are the barkadas at? Make the bonding fun through boodle fights at Boy Zugba!

boodle fight in cdo

They have 3 Boodle Attack! packages you can choose from starting with:

  • Karne-vorous (cheesy chorizo, pork bbq, pork liempo, and crispy kangkong)
  • I Sea Food (tuna belly, clamares, nucos, crispy kangkong, kinilaw with lato, and camaron abusado)
  • Meat Me @ Da Sea (nucos, calamares, kinilaw with lato, pork bbq, chicken inasal, pork liempo, cheesy chorizo, crispy kangkong, itlog maalat, and kropek)

Sgt. Stan Boodle Camp

Location: Zone 9, Patag, Cadre Road (going Camp Evangelista beside San Roque Church), Cagayan de Oro

boodle fight in cdo

Boodle fights with the family? Or with your group of friends during sleepover? Sgt. Stan Boodle Camp to the rescue!

Their boodle fight packages are available for take-out and delivery so that you can enjoy good food while staying at home safe. Check them out!

HSG Cafe

Usually caters to big parties and events, HSG Cafe also offers boodle packages for you and your friends to enjoy!

boodle fight in cdo

Order their Big Family Boodle Set and have a great time munching on their fried lumpia, kinilaw, cheesy bola-bola, calamares, buttered shrimp, and more.


For Kagay-anons who enjoy seafood platters, BoZ got you!

boodle fight in cdo

They have party packages that may contain garlic buttered shrimps, chili crabs, calamares, tuna kinilaw, tuna panga, seafood pancit canton, and more.

PLUS, you can choose to include unripe mangoes, french fries, or fried eggplant slices.

Pancit Malabon CDO

Are you a group of 5 hungry Kagay-anons? Get stuffed with Pancit Malabon CDO‘s Boodle Bilao!

boodle fight in cdo

It consists of rice, boneless bangus, shells, longganisa, shrimps, lumpia, and other side dishes. Satisfied!

Now my stomach is grumbling. Guess it’s time for a boodle fight! Let us know your boodle experience in the comments below!

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