PNP-10 Assures Safety for Oplan Tokhang Relaunching

PNP-10 Assures Safety for Oplan Tokhang Relaunching

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Philippine National Police R-10 expressed in a recent statement that there’s nothing to worry about the relaunching of Oplan Tokhang. The department said that all officers respect and acknowledge the human rights of all Filipinos, law-abiding citizen or not and will act accordingly.

According to an article by Bombo Radyo, PNP Regional Spokesperson Supt. Lemuel Gonda said that they are aware of the many objections regarding the campaign.

However, Gonda also added that it seems only those affected by the anti-drug program oppose the operation. Which makes it reason enough for the public to support Oplan Tokhang so that the government can finish its war on drugs.

As some of us may recall, during the former PNP regional director C/Supt. Agripino Javier’s time, Northern Mindanao was the top 3 Tokhang responders in the whole country for 2017.



Bombo Radyo

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