PNP Ordered an Investigation for the Dischagred Pro-Duterte Cop

PNP Ordered an Investigation for the Dischagred Pro-Duterte Cop

Image Source| Facebook

Image Source| Facebook

On Tuesday, May 3, Chief Superintendent Ronald Dela Rosa has been dismissed in his post because of his bias support for a presidential candidate.

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director Ricardo Marquez said that an investigation is set if the ousting of Dela Rosa has a credible reason. His dismissal has been done due to the reason of violating the code of a public officer.

Marquez puts his emphasis on the police officers to be non-partisan during the election period.

Dela Rosa, who is from Davao City, has been reported that he is openly supporting presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte. He also warned through a Facebook post on his Facebook account those who are planning to cheat during the National Elections on May 9. On that post, other known supporters of Duterte have been tagged.

It states there, “I am the Brigade Commander of the PNP-RSSF composed of 8,000 battalions close to 5,000 personnel based in Camp Crame. Kayong mga mandaraya at manliligalig ngayong May 9 elections, humanda na kayo! We will crush you! Kung sa bisaya pa, ‘Ligsan Ta Mo!”

It was also seen that in a post by Dela Rosa dated back on March 28, he greeted Duterte and praised the Mayor’s positive influence in his life and career.

“I never feared to enforce the law and prevent crimes because you are always there watching my back. To the greatest leader on Earth, Mayor RRD, happy birthday Sir!” As written by Dela Rosa.

Dela Rosa has now been replaced by Chief Superintendent Francis Elmo Sarona.

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