PNPA Features Miss CDO 2020: The Queen In Combat Boots

PNPA Features Miss CDO 2020: The Queen In Combat Boots

Mga higala! Jeza Relevo, Miss Cagayan de Oro 2020, was recently featured on the official Facebook page of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA)!

ICYDK, from her life as a beauty queen, Relevo chose to become a full-fledged cadet of the PNPA and is now part of the Sinag Lawin Class of 2025.

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All heads turn as she graces the stage. With her ethereal beauty and poise, she’s a shining jewel among the crowd. When she speaks, it holds conviction and purpose. ‘Confidently #beautiful with a #heart,’ so the famous mantra goes.

But unlike any beauty queen in high stilettos, CDT 3C Jeza Christyl Relevo chose to makes waves wearing the tight fit of a combat shoes—bearing its discomfort as she makes a stride. Rather than a slow wave and a smile, she makes a crisp salute—in all focus and seriousness—as she gives honour to the hoisted Philippine flag.

Hailed as Miss Cagayan de Oro City 2020, she has once again brought pride to her beloved city by becoming part of the chosen few of the Philippine National Police Academy. Making her rounds away from the spotlight not as a model, but a full-fledged cadet of SINAGLAWIN Class 2025.

“Though I enjoyed the world of pageantry, I knew in my heart that I wanted to pursue something else,” CDT 3C Relevo speaks with #passion, referring to her humble ambition of becoming part of the long maroon line then a police officer.

Growing up in an environment of law enforcers, she has witnessed first-hand the demands and sacrifices the job requires with her father as a police officer and her brother, a cadet member of the Masidtalak Class of 2023, who was rarely home and available.

Enamored, however, with the thought of protecting and serving the nation, she was willing to trade her comfort and posh lifestyle to take on the challenge—she sees, as a minute inconvenience to endure for a much greater purpose.

However, her bid towards this major career shift did not come effortlessly. Apart from having to adjust to a regimented lifestyle and conditioning her body to the training, she had to back down opportunities along with the expectations people have on her. The public was caught by surprise—it was the least you would see from her.

“Of course, walking away from the spotlight was a hard deal to come by but I have always been assertive in every choice I make,” CDT 3C Relevo makes it clear that she has zero regrets nor dismay over her decision. After all, by abandoning the glitz and glamour of pageantry, she has learned and mastered navigating her way to the rugged roads of cadetship.

“Besides, if you really look in the bigger picture, there really is not much of a difference between the duties and discipline of a beauty queen and a cadet,” CDT 3C Relevo makes the comparison.

In her reign as queen, she has reached out to the people multiple times by personally handing out food packs to families and presents to children in far-flung areas. With a generous hand, she extends her blessings to the community and even listens to their concerns—immersing into a dialogue, wherein they can use her voice as an avenue to represent theirs.

“Though the manner and application in serving the people is different, the intention is just the same,” she emphasizes, “Nonetheless, I am glad that my options have always leaned on to contributing to the community,” CDT 3C Relevo speaks with warmth.

A queen she was and a queen she still is!

Not only does CDT 3C Relevo have proven her worth as a cadet and a beauty queen, but with her wonderful journey, she has empowered women to be more than meets the eye.

“I guess this was also one way for me to detest the stereotypes taken against women and beauty queens. While you often see us praised by the audience, we are also a magnet of prejudice,” says CDT 3C Relevo. “Hopefully, with my story, women can see it as an inspiration to look up to. That women can go beyond what is expected of them and even take on the challenge of a male dominated institution.”

Truly, CDT 3C Relevo has made herself an idol to look up on with her story—a supposed fairytale—she traded for a lifetime of noble struggle. And with her beauty, brains, and brawn, she has realized the great essence of a woman and becoming the epitome of a true queen.

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