More Police Officers, Barangay Captains, and Prosecutors are to be Named By President Duterte

More Police Officers, Barangay Captains, and Prosecutors are to be Named By President Duterte

After President Rodrigo Duterte announced and named 158 government officials who were involved with illegal drugs last Monday, this time, the President would also publicly name barangay captains, prosecutors, and more police officers.

On August 9, Tuesday, The President states during his morning press conference at Davao, “Marami pa ho, [for] validation. Maraming barangay captain pati pulis. Marami pa, pati sa prosecutors, is coming.”

Purging will happen eventually, adding more names to the list of personalities who are involved in illegal drugs said the President.

“There will be a purging actually. Without declaring martial law, I will cleanse this government,” said the President.

The media reported inaccuracies and outdated information on the list and President Duterte revealed how he had a drug list.

The president explained, “Kasi ‘pag dating sa akin, galing man ‘yan sa intelligence community. Collated ‘yan eh. Titingnan muna sa computer. Ito noon pa. Tapos pagdating sa akin, re-evaluation again.”

There are agencies that would check personalities on the list to verify whether or not should be taken out.

“Kung meron akong tatanggalin na pangalan, eto ba, ‘Silipin ninyo ulit.’ ‘Pag kuntento na ako, ‘yun na ‘yun,” President Duterte said.

Some of those on his list were already dead said the media but the President insisted that this does not mean the list is not reasonable.

He stated, “That means that historically, he was playing with drugs, so it’s inputted in the intelligence agencies…. It’s not corrected, but it remains on record. We are not told if you are dead or not, but your name is there.”

Death is a private matter of the family and is not publicly announced globally, President Duterte said. Though except through eulogies or if someone would inform the intelligence community.

There are still names of drug suspects that are not on the list.

“May tumatawag na iba, ‘Mayor bakit hindi kasali itong mayor namin, itong konsehal namin?’ Do not worry, we will catch up,” the President said.

Those officials and police who have surrendered already were warned by the President not to deceive law enforcement agencies.

He said,”Don’t make the mistake of surrendering tapos paglaruin niyo lang kami because I will know. I have enough government men in the field to monitor you, mayors, vice mayors, councilors.”

The fastest way to get rid of drug personalities is through publicly naming the suspects who are involved in drug trade, President Duterte said.

But there are local and international parties who are criticizing his ways, telling that it bypass due process and makes those who are in his list a victim of extrajudicial killings.

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