Police Station repels NPA Attack

Police Station repels NPA Attack

A hail of bullets stormed Binuangan Police Station, Misamis Oriental when countless New People’s Army members attacked their post at around 3:15 am yesterday, December 3, 2017.

Manuelito Satur, aka Ka Muson, led the said NPA Group. Other members include; Ka Jakemm of SGD Guerilla Front 4B, platoon Ada led by Ka Romania aka Amboy, and platoon H  led by alias Makong Manseguaio.

On-duty police officers noticed their presence in advance and were able to prepare a counter attack.

The gunfight that followed lasted for 20 minutes. And 4 police officers were injured by M203 Rifle grenade shrapnels from the NPA.

The injured officers are Station Commander Police Sr. Inspector Dante Hallazgo, his subordinates Sr. Police Officer 1 Ramonito Zambas, PO3 Alberto Bernadas and PO1 Joshua Satur. As of now, they are currently admitted to a medical facility in Binuangan.

After the attack NPA members hijacked a truck to escape the area through Brgy. Kitamban.

Police Sr. Superintendent Rolando Destura, the Mis.Or. provincial swiftly deployed reinforcements from the Regional Mobile Force Battalion, Provincial Mobile Force Company and the Provincial Intelligence Brand. These squads helped in making sure everyone was safe after the attack and no more guerillas were lurking in the area.

The Binuangan Police Station gained praises from the people and from the Police Chief Superintendent Timoteo Pacleb for successfully defending the station . Especially due to the fact that the NPA was supposedly there to steal their weapons.

This incident also convinced Pacleb in reinforcing their Target Hardening and Security Measures. This will not only improve their protection but also their ability to protect the people.

Source: Sunstar CDO

Photos: YeojIvan Tagam

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