President Duterte Says Marawi Siege is Coming to an End

President Duterte Says Marawi Siege is Coming to an End

Marawi battle will end according to president


In an article from Philippine Daily Inquirer, President Duterte announced to the public that the Marawi Siege is now on its final stage.

Now on its fourth month, the battle in the war-torn city was dragged into weeks because of the presence of the 40 to 45 hostages held by the terrorists whose lives the government forces wanted to spare.  

The conflict started on May 23,2017 and as of now, the battle took at least 151 lives of soldiers and policemen when the government tried to serve warrants against Maute and Abu Sayyaf leaders.

According to Joint Task Force Marawi Deputy Commander, Col. Romeo Brawner, there are about 200 structures in the city that are not yet reclaimed that are well within the less than 20 hectares of area occupied by the terrorists. He also said that military troops is expecting more fights as it tries to get hold of more areas from the terrorist group occupants.

President Duterte said that even if the whole city will be reclaimed from the terrorists, there will be no celebration to be held since no one will really win.

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