Manila-Based Media Have More Coverage Than Mindanao-Based Media

Manila-Based Media Have More Coverage Than Mindanao-Based Media

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The Mindanao leg of the presidential debate is going to be the first in the series called as “PiliPinas Debates 2016” which will happen on February 21 in Cagayan de Oro. Set mainly by the Commission of Elections (Comelec), this is to give the public views in deciding who to vote for this coming May elections.

Giants of the media scene are the primary partners of this Mindanao-held debate namely the TV network GMA-7 and newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer. BUT being said as a Mindanao-held debate, Manila-based media people have more coverage privileges than the local-based media people.

Based on the information concerning this event, there will be two sub-venues at Capitol University as suggested by the coverage protocols. The main venue is said to be an audio-visual room with presidential candidates fronting selected audience only composed of Comelec officials, academe, and those who have positions such as newspaper editors, radio heads and directors. The second venue will be an auditorium that can welcome a bigger audience BUT with only limited to viewing the candidates through a wide screen or projector. It was made clear that the organizers of the event have allowed only five slots for local editors/publishers as debate audience and five slots for newspaper reporters. And only those who have the access to the event’s media center are the allowed five newspaper reporters.

Due to this limitations set by the organizers of this Mindanao leg of the presidential debate series, the BOD of the press club is thinking about an action that will reach the organizers, originally was a “boycott”, to make them realize that the local-based media also have the gift of analysis and journalistic skills as well as those who are Manila-based.

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