Prices of Flowers in CdeO Increased

Prices of Flowers in CdeO Increased

Prices of flowers in CdeO increased


Prices of flowers in Cagayan de Oro City are increasing one day before the observance of the All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

In an article from Bombo Radyo Cagayan de Oro, the price increase was confirmed by Ramul Auxtero, owner of the ATM Flower Shop in the city.

He cited as an example the price of the Malaysian Mums which soared from P150 to P300 in just a matter of days.

He added that some of the prices like that of the Anasthasia and other flowers were due to the price increase made by their suppliers.

On the other hand, the prices of  roses per stalk remains the same since it is only during the Valentine’s Day that its prices are usually seen to soar high.

Meanwhile, the price of “pilit” (sticky rice) in the local market was seen to move higher.

According to businesswoman Emma Kyap, there was no price increase made for the sticky rice which remains at P75 per kilo.

Moreover, she said that “tapol” (purple rice) is the one that has a price increase which is due to the minimal supply being sold in the market and due to the fact that many are buying it not only during this season.

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