PRO-NorthMin Starts to Crack Down Illegal Gambling

PRO-NorthMin Starts to Crack Down Illegal Gambling


On September 17, Saturday, the Police Regional Office (PRO) – Northern Mindanao launched their anti-illegal gambling campaign.

All units are to implement strict region-wide anti-illegal gambling campaign, ordered by Chief Superintendent Noel Constantino, PRO-Northern Mindanao regional director.

Apart from the ongoing war against illegal drugs, the police forces will also focus its manpower and resources in conducting anti-illegal gambling operations.

Constantino stated, “Thus, we will not wait for the directive from [national headquarters] which is already forthcoming but we will start now and gradually with increasing intensity launch our all-out campaign against illegal gambling in Northern Mindanao.”

Once the battle against illegal drugs succeeds in six months, the PNP will then crack down illegal gambling as announced by Philippine National Police(PNP) chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa over a month ago.

Police officers were warned by Dela Rosa to end their connection with gambling lords and stop protecting gambling operations.

To monitor the compliance of all major unit commanders, chiefs of police and station commanders to this order, an oversight committee will be appointed, PNP-Northern Mindanao spokesperson Superintendent Surki Sereñas said.

Those who will not take action will be “administratively relieved, replaced and subjected to investigation,” warned by Constantino.

Local police units are ordered to notify their respective local government executive and initiate an information campaign to prevent the public from practicing illegal gambling.

As the anti-illegal drug campaign is still ongoing, Sereñas stated that “a portion of the police force will be dedicated for this purpose while other personnel still sustaining the campaign against illegal drugs dubbed as Project Double Barrel.”

This two-pronged approach aims to arrest drug lords who also operates illegal gambling, Constantino said.

He added, “This crackdown is also undertaken in the light of reports that in some areas, there are drug lords who are also financiers of illegal gambling operations. The crackdown on illegal gambling operations will also deprive the drug lords the money they derive from illegal gambling.”

After indicating that PRO10 has made significant progress in the war against illegal drugs in Northern Mindanao, Constantino stated, “We will enforce the law without fear or favor and will hold our ground and will not allow ourselves to be pressured by any person or entity. We both have the will and the skill to succeed in this campaign.”

News Source: Sun.Star

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