Before the rain comes: Apple Tree Resort and Hotel celebrates Endless Summer Beach Festival

Before the rain comes: Apple Tree Resort and Hotel celebrates Endless Summer Beach Festival

apple tree holds endless summer

This year’s summer season is nearing to an end as the country is already seeing occasional rain showers from time to time. Nevertheless, it did not stop the visitors and tourists at Apple Tree Resort and Hotel from relishing the remaining days of summer as they went intense and wet in the Endless Summer Beach Festival activities last May 20-21.

apple tree holds endless summer

Pumped up, visitors engaged in different vigorous and recreational activities such as Photography, Beach Volleyball, Skim Boarding, and Zumbathon Competitions.

Prior to the Photography Competition, a photography seminar and workshop was held for the participants of the Photography Competition so that they will get a head start before they start taking pictures of the different activities for their entries.

The seminar-workshop was graced by the presence of seasoned photographer Jijo de Guzman where he talked about his experiences as a professional photographer and how different camera techniques and angles should be applied to certain sports events. He also provided tips on how the participants would be able to capture nice photos as entries in the different sports events.

Taking place simultaneously was the preliminary round of the Beach Volleyball Competition where different volleyball teams from all walks of life lined up in the shore next to the glistening beach water to snatch the championship trophy.

apple tree holds endless summer

Later in the afternoon on the same spot, the Shore Breaks 3, a skimboarding competition, took place and participants were apparently enthusiastic to flaunt their exhibitions and skimboarding styles to the swarm of people who were watching them. The participants of the photography competitions also took advantage of the actions happening as they hoped to capture a potential entry that is better than their competitors.

zumbathon in apple tree resort and hotel

On the drier side of the beach where an empty space is reserved, a Zumba dance marathon competition dubbed “Zumbathon by the bay” rejuvenated the dormant dancing skills of mothers and even dudes who participated in. One can only see how the three-hour non-stop dancing marathon shook those excess fats off while many are waiting who are going to give up and who are going to be the last man or woman standing.

After all the activities that day, all the participants and spectators alike took their breaks, swam and relaxed for a while with the reggae and disco music on the stereo.

Meanwhile, the final matches for the Beach Volleyball and Skimboarding Competition continued as well as the final judging of the Photography contest.

Many were shocked, dismayed, and most of all triumphed as the results for the different competitions were announced.

skimboarding in apple tree resort and hotel

Yet, all were victors as CdeO’s top DJ’s like The Rainman, RB Banaag, Kitty G, and Kyle Banaag started hitting all the corners of Apple Tree Resort and Hotel with upbeat disco music that left no one in a dismal mood for the rest of the night in the Beach and Pool Foam Party.

Indeed, there is no stopping the onset of the rainy season. So if you haven’t done something you listed on your summer goals this year, come and visit Apple Tree Resort and Hotel where the party never stops.

The event has been successful through the following sponsors:

Clement Dampal Photography; Mountain Dew; Gatorade; Pepsi; Canon (Delighting you always); Imagenation; CBnS-Carl’s Buy n’ Sell; Modtrade Shirts; ThiEye Philippines Action Camera; 7 Up; Nature’s Spring; Julie’s Bakeshop; 2Go Travel; Havaianas; Tanduay; Ororama; LGU-Opol; COTTA (Cagayan de Oro Travel and Tours Associations, Inc.); One Santorini Event and Leisure; and Edgar Anthony Lugon Photography.

And also through media partners:

Best Spots PH (; M Magazine (Life & Living in Mindanao); Parasat HD; About Cagayan de Oro; Magic 89.3 FM Station; CDO Bloggers; Cagayan de Oro Times; and Mindanao Star.


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