READ: CDO’s Controversial Baked Siopao Serye

READ: CDO’s Controversial Baked Siopao Serye

baked siopao

Mga higala! ICYMI, an awkward baked siopao serye has been brewing recently among Cagayan de Oro’s new City Council members.

This started when Hon. John Michael Seno complained that the minority floor didn’t share their snack during a recent session or meeting.

The controversial food item is said to be BAKED SIOPAOS. Check out the statements below:

Seno’s initial complaint:


Reactions from City Councilor James Judith and Jay Roa Pascual:

Statement from City Councilor Girlie Balaba:

Statement from Vice Mayor Jocelyn Bebot Rodriguez:

Naka-follow ba ka aning BAKED SIOPAO serye higala? Unsa imong comment?

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