Relatives of Balingasag Mayor Arrested During Drug Raid

Relatives of Balingasag Mayor Arrested During Drug Raid


Balingasag town mayor’s two siblings and a nephew were arrested during a joint operation by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the police last November 10.

According to a report from Sun.Star, the suspects were identified as Michael Roa, Porferio Roa Jr., and John Rey Roa.

About 15 grams of suspected shabu were found inside the room of lawyer Michael Roa.

His brother, Porferio Roa Jr. was arrested for possessing 20 grams of suspected shabu while Johnrey Roa and live-in partner Justine Mae Pontevilla were arrested as authorities recovered several drug paraphernalia.

PDEA-Northern Mindanao Regional Director Adrian Albariño said that the house is composed of 5 to 6 rooms, they have seized more or less 40 grams of suspected shabu in different rooms.

He added that they also found evidence regarding illegal drug transactions which they have supposed that the suspects are possibly operating a drug den in their home.

The drug suspects were identified as high valued targets, Albariño said, adding that they have been involved in illegal drugs trade not just around Balingasag but also in the neighboring municipalities for a long time now.

Several drug individuals may have acquired illegal drugs from the suspects, said the PDEA regional chief.

Albariño said that there are reports regarding the arrest of the mayor’s sibling due to illegal drugs but bailed out of jail. He also added that they will process the papers so they can’t be freed anymore.

The report will be submitted to the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to act on the alleged illegal drug trade involving the mayor’s relatives and if she has responsibility for her relations’ involvement to illegal drugs.

The town police are also to be investigated by the police regional headquarters as they have failed to prevent the illegal drug activities of the said suspects.

The police were sharing information concerning the drug suspects with the anti-narcotics agency, said Chief Inspector Ariel Philip Pontillas, deputy chief of the Regional Intelligence Division, adding that the information was confirmed and validated, urging the operatives to conduct surveillance.

As the high values drug suspects were arrested, the police are expecting that the number of illegal drugs in Balingasag will lessen.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Michael Roa said that he intends to seek the legality of the search. He will also file his counter affidavit to the fiscal’s office.

Michael Roa asserted that he signed the findings of PDEA under protest, adding that he did not own the confiscated shabu.

Albariño, on the other hand, stated that the suspects are trying to deny the case saying that the police planted the shabu yet he himself was not surprised by these allegations. He said that the suspects will have the chance to explain in the proper forum when the case is filed.

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