Remembering Cagayan De Oro’s First Jukebox Experience

Remembering Cagayan De Oro’s First Jukebox Experience

SEEBURG JUKEBOX in CDO (taken from Ric Pabayo’s FB page)

Kagay-anons had always had that love for Music. That is a fact.

But way way back, before the days of the Karaoke’s and Piso-nets, there was one piece of box that only a few established resto’s and foodplace have that brings memories and joys with every drop of a coin. Millenials back then call it a Jukebox.

Jukebox is a coin operated machine that plays tracks of the hits of the generation which we now call classics. It made its way to Cagayan de Oro during the 1950’s, first Introduced by Philippine Amusement Enterprises, The Sole Distributor Of Seeburg Jukebox Machines In The Philippines during the 50’s, and this photo (above) is one of the old photos of the first few Jukeboxes here in CDO.

The last working Jukebox I’ve seen is inside a Fastfood resto near Corpus Christy School back in the days, and it was already old (but working) back then.

It’s amazing how a drop of a coin, a push of a button, and a choice of classic songs written on the labels can bring minutes of fun that will last as memories.

Got a Jukebox experience or photo to share? Feel free to drop it at the comments section. We’d be happy to see and share them.

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