Reporting of Sexual Harassment Cases Made Easier with Gabbie ChatBot

Reporting of Sexual Harassment Cases Made Easier with Gabbie ChatBot

As a woman, it is an everyday struggle avoid being catcalled even just once. We can’t deny the fact that this action is not helping us or and will never help at all. And guess what, if you some guys out there think that catcalling is a sign of appreciation, well it’s not. It is a sign of disrespect and it makes women feel small.

No matter who we are, where we are and what we are wearing. Every one of us (woman) can be a victim of sexual disrespect. Luckily, we can now share our thoughts with someone who could also help us face this disturbing harassment legally, Gabbie – the anti-sexual harassment chatbot.

Gabbie is created by the Gabriela Militant Women’s Movement in the Philippines. A Filipino organization that advocates for women’s issues.

Gabbie aims to make the reporting of sexual harassment easier. If you’ve experienced sexual harassment, you can send here a message and she’ll help you out.

Sexual Harassment as defined by the law (RA 7877) is when an employer, teacher, trainer, or any other person having authority over another in a work, training or educational environment, demands or requests any sexual favor from the other.

Sexual Harassment includes but is not limited to, catcalling, online defamation, suggestive jokes and acts, unwarranted touching and so on.

If you are too fed up with all the catcalling you receive each day and you decided to do something about it, you can ask Gabbie for the legal actions. Here’s how:

Step 1 Look for Gabbie on Facebook you can search for “GabbiebyGabriela”.

Step 2 Once you reach her FB Page, send her a message. You can either, ask her what is harassment or tell her you were harassed.

Step 3 When you report that you are harassed, Gabbie would let you choose which type of harassment you’ve experienced and you can answer each question in detail.

Step 4 Once you have done the reporting, Gabbie will compile all your answers into a harassment form, which you can print out and give to your lawyer, Hr Department, or local government unit.

Meanwhile, I also tried having a conversation with Gabbie and here’s how it went:


But you’ll have to note that Gabbie is a chatbot that is limited to what is programmed to her. So if you put something like “I was catcalled by a Cigarette Vendor”, Gabbie would repeat her questions over and over.


So if you feel like nobody’s there to listen to your sentiments or maybe you’re just ashamed and afraid to voice out, Gabbie is always there to help you get thru whatever harassment you have been struggling with.


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