Of Romance and Serenity: Lake Pinamaloy and its placid beauty

Of Romance and Serenity: Lake Pinamaloy and its placid beauty

Source; Lake Pinamaloy | FB Page

There is no lake more serene than Lake Pinamaloy located in the Municipality Don Carlos, Bukidnon. This 60-hectare inland body of water plays a vital role as a primary source of water for the community. Shaped like a guitar, this lake is named after a folk lore about a married couple who gave birth to a child named “Pina” – who must not step on the ground. They gave her everything beautiful in life except not allowing her to set foot on the ground.

However, one day, Pina went down and touched the ground. Soon after streams of water came out and Pina disappeared. The couple went to look for Pina and calling out the phrase “Pina malooy ka” which is now translated to Pinamaloy.

The lake is a quiet scenery which couples from the town would love to hang out and have a meal or two. The green fields surrounding the lake also is a haven for students to play and study. Lake Pinamaloy is now under protection and conservation from the local and national government.

The lake is good for boating and picnic as well. If you love to be alone or have that romantic time with your partner, you can spend time here in this beautiful lake.


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