Rotoras Family Pleads for Justice

Rotoras Family Pleads for Justice

JUSTICE- a family’s request for righteousness after unknown gunmen ambushed Dr. Ricardo Rotoras in his own home at upper Carmen last December 2, 2017.

In an interview conducted by Bombo Radyo on Eldie Rotoras, brother of the late PASUC President Dr. Rotoras, he disclosed that their family agreed to let his sibling undergo an autopsy to further determine any clues upon his death.

The Rotoras family stated that they are now putting their faith in our system. And they are hoping that the culprits will be caught soon with the help of the Special Investigation Task Group (SITG) formed by COCPO.

Upon formulating the suspects or persons of interest, Eldie recalled the conversations he had with his brother regarding the people with grudges and resentment upon his accomplishments.

Eldie firmly believes that one of Dr. Rotoras’ competitors may have plotted the murder.

However, he regrets that even with the death threats his brother received recently, Dr. Rotoras never intended on hiring a personal bodyguard for his own safety.


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