RTA Confiscates 97 “Colorum” Motorelas in CDO

RTA Confiscates 97 “Colorum” Motorelas in CDO


Mga higala! As part of the city’s intensified crackdown against ‘colorum’ motorelas, officers of the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) have already impounded 97 motorelas who are illegally operating on the streets without a new fare matrix or a copy of their franchise document.

According to an article by Sunstar CDO, Rel Mondelo of RTA stated that “Before, the motorela units are only required to carry the Official Receipt of their registration and the certification of registration from the Land Transportation Office, but now, the new policy requires them to also bring their franchise when they operate in our streets, otherwise their units will be impounded.”

For additional details, check out this report video by Cagayan de Oro City Philippines:

Failure to carry franchise has a penalty worth P1,000, while failure to carry fare matrix is worth another P500. A motorela unit without franchise will be penalized in the amount of P1,500 and their motorela unit will not be released unless they apply for a franchise. -Sunstar


Source: Sunstar CDOCagayan de Oro City Philippines



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