Rufus Rodriguez Turn Down EDCA, Calling Kagay-anons To Show Protest

Rufus Rodriguez Turn Down EDCA, Calling Kagay-anons To Show Protest

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Earlier, under the EDCA were the five locations that were agreed between the Philippines and the United States to be used for building US military bases. Women’s group Gabriela has already expressed their disapproval about this stating that it will only bring problems to the city. And this time, Cagayan de Oro Lawmaker and 2nd District Representative Rufus Rodriguez is calling for Kagay-anons to show protest vs EDCA.

Rodriquez said in a quote, “we can initiate mass action against it because there was no consultation made before nila giapil ang syudad sa Edca,” adding that he will give his support towards cause-oriented groups and non-government organizations that will summon and stage protest in front of the Tactical Operations Group of the Philippine Air Force or PAF base at the old Lumbia airport.

“I am willing to support the mass action because I’m sure there will be such and I will attend and urge my supporters to join,” said the mayoral candidate. According to him, he will continue reaching out for the Department of National Defense or DND and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (Caap) to show his disapproval on the plan.

Rodriguez was known to be the author of a bill in Congress that seeks to transfer the old Lumbia airport property to the city, and according to him, the city should decide what to do with the old airport and not the National Government.

Meanwhile, Archdioces of Cagayan de Oro’s Archbishop Antonio Ledesma said his view about the topic saying that the government must ensure that the sovereignty of the country won’t be infringed quoting, “there is still that continuing concern about the expansion of China to our shores, and therefore there is also a need for some kind of balancing power [in the Philippines]. Our public officials should also consider these factors.”

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