Meaty and Savory: Where To Enjoy Some Samgyupsal in CDO

Meaty and Savory: Where To Enjoy Some Samgyupsal in CDO

samgyupsal cdo

Mga higala! Craving for something meaty and savory that can be shared with your favorite friends?

Kagay-anons are known to have big appetites. How can we say so? It’s because most of the popular posts that we have published involve food. And we can’t get enough of sharing with you places where you can enjoy good food.

So you’re looking for something that’s meat and is flavorful, right? Samgyupsal it is!

Here in the city, we have a fair share of samgyup places. Let’s list them here:

Ember Grillery

It doesn’t have to be a celebration before you treat yourself with some samgyupsal from Ember Grillery.

samgyupsal cdo

Been serving Kagay-anons’ since 2017, they have been providing a different grilling experience to customers with their wide variety of marinated Korean beef, fresh lettuce, side dishes, and sauces.

Always keep updated from them as they offer promos for craving Kagay-anons!

Romantic Baboy

Indulge yourself with good food. Enjoy 8 types of marinated and non marinated meat (pork and beef) at Romantic Baboy.

samgyupsal cdo

They come with rice, soup, and 6  different side dishes.

They started operating last January 9, 2020 at the Rosario Strip of Limketkai Center.

Baked Samgyup CDO

How about an innovative samgyupsal?

samgyupsal cdo

Baked Samgyup CDO serves baked samgyupsal laid on a bed of kimchi rice, ssamjang sauce, special cheese sauce, and pork belly stripes. Sounds pretty delicious!

Samgyup Ta Bay

Feeling lazy to go out? Maybe a little taps on your phone can help. Enjoy some samgyupsal at the comfort of your home!

samgyupsal cdo
Samgyup Ta Bay offers a complete set of samgyupsal that is good for 4 persons plus FREE use of their portable griller. If you are just within the city, delivery is free of charge.

I think we missed to include your favorite samgyup place. Let us know in the comments below!

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