Feature Article: Sanctuary Beauty Care and Wellness – Promoting Beauty, Wellness and Community Service

Feature Article: Sanctuary Beauty Care and Wellness – Promoting Beauty, Wellness and Community Service

Sanctuary Staff

Sanctuary Beauty Care and Wellness is not only about massages and spa-related services but also about beauty care services. This all-around spa and beauty center presently offers the most top-of-the-line wellness and beauty services in Cagayan de Oro at present, at the most affordable prices that will surprise even those who have visited other spa centers in the city. This and coupled with its service offerings and world-class customer service is what keeps its regular clientele coming back regularly while gaining new clients almost on a daily basis.

How It All Started

Sanctuary decor

On April 18, 2011, the original Sanctuary Beauty care and Wellness opened in Nazareth Subdivision. Because of the limited space there, the owner decided to seek more space as well as for expansion purposes.

Sanctuary lobby

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On December 2014, Sanctuary Beauty Care and Wellness located to its new home on the 2nd floor of the Grand Central Building along Pabayo and Arch. Hayes streets.

RF machines

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Sanctuary is the first wellness spa in Cagayan de Oro to offer Radio Frequency (RF) with Viora ReAction.

The Owner Herself is a Model for Wellness and Beauty

Sanctuary Spa owner

Ms. Mary Jane “Gigi” B. Lazaga is a 1991 graduate of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. Aside from this, she also received diplomas and certificates from the Kerala Ayurveda Academy in Alluvia, India, for Ayurvedic Beauty Therapy in February 2014 as well as from La Manille School of Esthetics and Wellness for Facial Therapies in June 2014. In her younger years she was a beauty queen, having been crowned Miss Zamboanga del Norte in 1986 and Miss Dipolog in 1987.

Gigi Sanctuary

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Aside from being the proprietor, Miss Gigi also holds a day job as the department head for the City General Services Office at the Cagayan de Oro City Hall. She is also a mother of three, Karl Louise (21), Paul Renzo (16), and Paulo Pilipino (11).

Meet the Operations Management Team

sanctuary team

Alongside Miss Gigi, Sanctuary is in very capable hands with Mr. Joma “JM” Corrales as head of marketing, Ms. Merlyn Mauring as head of administration and accounting, and Ms. Jayvhee Trono as general supervisor for reception and personnel.

JM is a Computer Technology and Development Communication (Journalism) graduate from Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. He is also a photography enthusiast with his own studio. JM and Miss Gigi met as All Hands Volunteers and since then JM serves the marketing cause of the spa center.

Ms. Merlyn and Miss Gigi were already old friends since way back in 1991 when both were working in the fast food industry. Merlyn is an accounting graduate of Cagayan de Oro College (COC). Instead of taking a job offer abroad, she decided to accept Miss Gigi’s offer to manage the new Sanctuary.

Ms. Jayvhee took up management at Liceo de Cagayan University. Miss Gigi discovered Jayvhee when the former was the latter’s client, and Miss Gigi saw great potential in supervising and customer service.

sanctuary owner launchpad

Miss Gigi and Sanctuary has also been featured in Launchpad Magazine because of their social volunteer work with All Hands Volunteers especially during natural disasters such as the disaster relief work for the victims of Typhoon Sendong in Cagayan de Oro and Typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas.

The Sanctuary Experience

Sanctuary Massage

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  • Wellness Spa:
    • Whole body massage (Swedish massage)
    • Whole body massage with Hot Stones
    • Other massage services
    • Body scrub with back massage
    • Body scrub and body bleaching
    • Reflexology
    • Sauna bath with or without massage
Sanctuary Salon

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  • Beauty Care
    • Hair rebonding and semi-rebonding
    • Hair cut
    • General and specific hair care
    • Hair color vibrancy
    • Make-up
    • Grooming
    • Nails and foot
    • Facial and slimming
    • Radio frequency with Viora ReAction for face, arm, stomach, and thigh
sanctuary beauty care

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  • L’Oreal Products for sale
sanctuary yoga class

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  • Yoga classes

Sanctuary and its employees pride itself on its cleanliness and superior customer service.

sanctuary facial area

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Sanctuary is proud of their cadre of professionally trained, certified licensed, or TESDA accredited therapists and specialists.

sanctuary facial session

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Also, all therapists and specialists still undergo training sessions in order to reach the high level of services offered by Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Wellness Spa

Naturally, Sanctuary is also careful when it comes to customer safety. Heavy spa and massage services are usually refused for pregnant women, women having their menstruation period, anyone intoxicated with liquor, persons with high blood pressure and hypertension, and those with fever, flu, or any ongoing ailments. Also, massage service is waived for anyone with internal surgical implants as the massage might affect the implant.

Promos and Events

sanctuary massage promos

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Sanctuary Hair Care Promos

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promos sanctuary

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Sanctuary is presently offering its Higalaay 2015 promotions with discounted prices for the following:

  • Swedish massage – P199 only.
  • Hot stones – P299 only.
  • Foot spa with manicure and pedicure – P399.
  • Hair color – starting at P399.
  • Keratin Blowout – P1,499.
  • Hair rebonding (any length) – P999.
  • Face and Body contouring:
  • RF or Infusion Stomach – P2,000
  • RF or Infusion Face – P1,500
  • Diamond Peel – Buy 1 Get 1, P899.
Miss CDO 2015

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barangay gwapo 2015 sanctuary

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They are presently serving as major sponsors in beauty care for the 2015 Miss Cagayan de Oro Pageant, Barangay Gwapo, and Little Miss Cagayan.

sanctuary spa package

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Sanctuary is the only spa center that offers a “Spa Party” package. A Spa Party is served for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 persons. Each person can be pampered according to the customized package budget agreed upon. For instance, each person may get a combination of haircut, massage, and facial spa, as well as food served. This package is perfect for birthday celebrations, bridal showers, or even as corporate rewards for department achievements. The best part is that the package may be customized based on the client’s budget and is exclusive only to the party concerned.

They also have what they call “seasonal packages” during the Christmas season, “Prom Season” of February, and for graduations on March and April. For the “Ber” months up to the Christmas season, Sanctuary is getting ready to explode its promotions for those months leading up to December.

Community Service

run for justice

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The owner of Sanctuary is active when it comes to participating in Community Service programs and events.

Heroes 44 marathon

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One of which they consider to be most memorable is their inclusion in the Heroes 44 – Run for Justice Event which was dedicated to the fallen heroes of the SAF 44.


sanctuary outside view

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It’s only natural that people find time to relax after a hard day or week of stressful work, and a wellness spa and beauty care center is one way to stress out while pampering the body. Likewise, affordability is never synonymous with “cheap” since affordable services will still offer the best and top notch. With Sanctuary Beauty Care and Wellness, you not only get both, but as the name implies, customers get to relax in their own “sanctuary.”

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