Sea of Clouds @ Mount Capistrano Malaybalay City

Sea of Clouds @ Mount Capistrano Malaybalay City

Photos by Jamie Allertse

Bukidnon is one of Mindanao’s richest province in terms of natural wonders. Most of the region is still untouched by modernization and retained its beauty through the passing generations.

One of these wonders is the amazing landscape and exciting trekking challenge leading to the top of Mount Capistrano at Sitio Binalbagan, Brgy. Simaya, Malaybalay City.

Mount Capistrano is a 793-meter mountain, situated right in the middle of Bukidnon, 18-20 kilometers away from Malaybalay City center and a favorite workout hike for locals.

City center to Mount Capistrano. Google Maps.

According to a post by Jamie Allertse, hikers will be able to witness an extraordinary sea of clouds at the top, early in the morning. It even has a great view of rice fields in the area.

Below are Jamie Allertse‘s photos:

An unforgettable Sea of Clouds waits at the top!

Clouds cover the region every morning due to the low temperature and moisture build-up.

Climb the TOP!

Painting-like view of rice fields in Malaybalay City.

Mount Capistrano also offers awesome views of the three great ranges of Central Mindanao: the Kitanglad Range, the Kalatungan Range, and the Piapayungan Range.


What are you waiting for mga higala? Plan your trip, and have a fulfilling adventure to one of Bukidnon’s famous destinations.

Source: Jamie Allertse, Pinoy Mountaineer

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