Seda Centrio Celebrates 4th Year Anniversary with a Hawaiian-themed Party Complete with Tahitian Dancers and Fire Dancers

Seda Centrio Celebrates 4th Year Anniversary with a Hawaiian-themed Party Complete with Tahitian Dancers and Fire Dancers

It seems like it was only yesterday on December 29 when the Seda Centrio Hotel opened its doors as Cagayan de Oro’s first four-star hotel.

Four years to the December 29 date, Seda Centrio Hotel celebrates its 4th year anniversary by throwing a party for patrons and guests. But not just any party because it’s a Hawaiian-themed party complete with a Luau (Hawaiian feast), Tahitian dancers, and fire dancers.

The 4th Year Anniversary Hawaiian-themed Party by Seda was held at the hotel’s café and lobby area as well as the Al Fresco area by the infinity pool.

The party started at around 6:00 p.m.

Hawaian Dinner Buffet

The party started as soon as the lobby and Al Fresco areas easily got filled up with invited guests and patrons. The first order of business was to partake of the luscious buffet styled like a Hawaiian Luau feast.

The buffet was served with Hawaiian dishes such as pineapple and fruit pies, pineapple cakes, pineapple pudding, Hawaiian vegetable or fruit salads.

Other dishes include; macaroni salad, various styled rice cakes, grilled squid, braised beef, braised fish, cold cuts, and a few Filipino dishes like kinilaw, pancit malabon, and camaron rebosado.

Playfully, the best drink to serve for the party is, what else but Hawaiian Punch.

Program Proper

After dinner, Seda Centrio Hotel’s General Manager, Mr. Armand Angeles, gave a welcoming talk to the crowd, explaining about what transpired in the past four years at the hotel, and thanking everyone for the continuous support to Seda Centrio Hotel.

Crowd entertainment was done by the Gintong Amihan Dance Troupe from the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (formerly MUST) through a couple of Tahitian dance numbers.

The crowd was then ushered outside at the Al Fresco area to witness the Fire Dancers.

After this, a “Pinata” or “goodie box” shaped in the number “four” was hung in the lobby area and struck by Mr. Angeles, with goodies like candies showering down for the children of the guests to grab and seize.

A few more performances by the Fire Dancers and Gintong Amihan Dancers entertained the guests further.

Al Fresco Refreshments 

Havaianas was a principal sponsor of the party and their beach and Hawaiian-inspired booth was located at the Al Fresco area.

There was also a Hawaiian Tiki Bar at the Al Fresco area that served alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. A photo booth was set up with Hawaiian paper sculptures as the background.

VIP’s and Media Personalities Who Attended the Event

A few of the VIP guests included Mr. Catalino E. Chan III, Region 10 director of the Department of Tourism, and Mr. Jeffrey Ang, president of the Cagayan de Oro Chamber of Commerce.

Media personalities covering the event included Claire Dumo and Maria Theresa Zaldivar of Urban Life Mindanao Gold Star Daily, Mark Francisco of Business Week Mindanao Daily, and KC Curay of About Cagayan de Oro.

Raffles with Exciting Prizes

Raffle draws were done to add excitement, the prizes being overnight stays at the hotel.

Havaianas slippers and necklaces were awarded to the winners of the Seda Centrio Hotel Facebook/Instagram Photo Contest.

The party was hosted by Ms. Angela Pupos, Seda Centrio’s Communications Officer.

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