Several Astronomical Events To Look Forward To This January

Several Astronomical Events To Look Forward To This January

What an awesome way to start the year 2018 by witnessing several astronomical events to look forward to just a month.

Yes! You have heard it right the skies would be busy for some “to look forward to” sky events this month of January.

Source: Philippine Star

Here are the lists of the Several Astronomical Events to look forward in January:

Source: Project Lupad “Supermoon brightens up the skies of Cagayan de Oro.”

January 2 – Full Moon (Supermoon)

The closest distance that the Moon reaches to Earth in its elliptical orbit. The largest view of the moon as seen from Earth.


January 4 – Quadrantids Peak

A meteor shower, sending hundreds of meteors flashing through the night sky.


January 7 – Jupiter-Mars Conjunction

Jupiter-Mars Conjunction is the pairing of the largest and smallest planet of the solar system. Best time to see the planet Jupiter and Mars very close is during before dawn on Sunday, January 7, 2019.


January 9 – Moon at Last Quarter

Providing humans a great moment on being in a three-dimensional world in space. Appears mostly in the middle of the night, highest at dawn, and sets at midday.


January 17 – New Moon

Happens when the Moon and Sun have the same ecliptic longitude.

Source: Lots of Moons and Music

January 25 – Moon at First Quarter

Seeing the moon, exactly half of its surface illuminated. It’s either left or right half, depending on where you are on Earth.

Source: One Universe At A Time

January 31 – Full Moon

Could be a Supermoon or Bluemoon. Bluemoon is the third Full Moon in an astronomical season. The first Blue Moon after 150 years.

Source: UIG

January 31 – Total Lunar Eclipse

It’s impressive how Blue Moon and the Blood Moon will occur at the end of January.

Lunar Eclipse happens when Earth lines up between the sun and the moon, blocking the light.

So if you want some sky gazing, always check the weather forecast for that specific night and of course invite someone to watch with you.

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