Shootout in Bulua! – Drug Dealer Killed

Shootout in Bulua! – Drug Dealer Killed

On Monday, May 16, around 11pm in the evening the police agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) chased and killed drug dealer Brian Sultan.

Brian Sultan, who is also known as Brian Bantuas resides in Vamenta Subdivision in Barra, Opol, Misamis Oriental. He is known as a drug pusher and has been reported before that he has killed drug pushers also who did not pay their dealers and those whom he speculated as police informants.

Around 7pm that night, Sultan was chased by the authorities while he is riding a taxi cab. When Sultan sensed that the authorities are trailing him, he shot the taxi driver who was later known as Mario Tacmoy.

Tacmoy’s body has been tossed by Sultan near Merry Child School in Bulua. Tacmoy was then transported to a hospital near the area but was declared dead on arrival.

He found himself seeking refuge in an empty housing unit in Villa Candida Subdivision in Bulua. After a series of fire from Sultan, Josephine Ramos, a pregnant woman in the subdivision was hit and wounded but then easily treated in a nearby hospital. Ramos’ status as of today is normal and out of danger.

Agora police Chief Insp. Ariel Philip Pontillas said in an interview, “Na-abtan na kamig pasado alas 11 sa kabi-e didto sa abandoned nga balay nga iyang gitago-an, amo siyang gihangyo nga mo-surrender, pero dili gyud mo-surrender, determinado gyud siya nga mopatay ug pulis.”

He also added, “Amo nang gihimo ang tanang effort to preserve his life pero gipamusil man hino-on kami niya, so wala na kami nahimo except to return fire.”

From the unsettled negotiations and Sultan’s constant retaliation to the pleadings of the police officers to surrender, the shootout broke out and found him dead in the empty unit where he used as a defense. He was then sent to a morgue in Barangay Bulua.

The Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) found in the housing unit a wallet, Cellphones, cash, a caliber .45 pistol, and empty bullets.

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