Shopping for Your First Home: Is This The Right One for You?

Shopping for Your First Home: Is This The Right One for You?


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House shopping can be very stressful, which is understandable. Without any idea what you’re looking for, you could very well be wasting so much time looking at places and considering all of them, even when you shouldn’t.

So what are the signs of an ideal real estate property for you? Here’s our list!

You Absolutely Love The Bathroom

Let’s be real: the bathroom is the most important room in any house. Sure, the bedroom is nice, and the kitchen is pretty cool too, but if you can’t stand to even step into the bathroom? You won’t be staying in a hotel room for very long, let alone a house.

I mean, we avoid dirty restrooms as it is!

Hygiene is super important, and the state of the bathroom is critical to that. A bathroom that doesn’t meet your standards when you first see it most likely never will unless you plan on renovating the bathroom entirely. Yikes!

All of Your Essentials Are Met

Let’s say the bathroom passes muster. Does the rest of the house meet your needs?

We shop around for homes because we have a pressing need. For many, it’s because they need a roof over their heads that meets basic comforts. For some, it’s because they need more space for their growing family. For others still, they need a new home that’s access-friendly for sick or elderly family members that they’re taking care of.

You know you’ve found your dream home when you find that it checks all of the boxes in your essentials list after you’ve inspected the whole property.

You Keep Going Back to The Property

One big sign that you’ve found The One – house-wise, for now! – is when you can’t keep the property out of your mind. You keep going back to it, constantly asking the real estate agent for more information, and you’re always talking about what you’d like to do with the property.

Which brings us to the next sign…

You’re Excited To Start Your Repairs

You know how, when you’ve found a shirt that you really like, you keep thinking about the outfits you’d wear with it? Or when you have a new pair of shoes you absolutely adore and you can’t wait to wear it everywhere you go?

The same thing applies when you buy home properties. If you’re not excited about the property, flaws and imperfections included, then there’s something about it that’s holding you back from wanting to commit completely.

And finally…

Your Heart Sings When You’re In The Property

Trust your instincts.

Some places have a “vibe” to them. It may sound superstitious, but if you just don’t feel comfortable when you’re in open homes to buy, it might be better to continue looking at different properties.

Feelings may seem like an irrational concern when it comes to a substantial investment like this, but think about it this way: if the property were much smaller and cost far less, like a necklace or a dress shirt, would you get it if it didn’t fit you well?

The same thing extends to real estate. If your heart isn’t in it, then why force it?

Buying a home is a landmark event for many people, especially in family-oriented cultures like Filipino culture. Your new home will, in time, be passed on to your children, who will then pass it onto their children.

This list aims to help you in guiding your heart towards the smart real estate choice – and hopefully, your wallet too. Good luck with home shopping!

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