Simple Traffic Rules Kagay-anons May Have Forgotten and Ignored

Simple Traffic Rules Kagay-anons May Have Forgotten and Ignored

Over the years, as Cagayan de Oro City improved, vehicles have flooded the streets with drivers who more or less forgot to follow even the basic road regulations. Additional rules have been implemented to lessen traffic problems but this didn’t really do anything other than produce more violations for the drivers and pedestrians to commit.

If you are reading this right now, even if you’re a driver or not, as a resident in this beloved city of ours, sight the roles you played in this problems and maybe assess yourself on the contributions you can make to fix the predicaments that affect all of us.

1.Stop Signs. This is self-explanatory (if not, kindly get a dictionary). S-T-O-P, this sign is there for a reason and that is for you to end, cease, halt driving. This is not just some decoration in the street or a request that you need to consider. A stop sign is their to prevent any dangers caused by a driver’s recklessness.

2.Overtaking. It’s normal for us to speed up on the road since we all have places to go. And being there in the earliest hour is a good thing, especially during work. But certainly not for the expense of your safety. Remember that you can’t predict the future (and you certainly can’t afford insurance).

3.Loading and Unloading Zones. This is an important one since mobs of passengers during rush hours delay traffic even more. When you’re waiting for PUVs, please do it in the designated areas, no driver will violate this if passengers are waiting in the right place. Likewise, only get off at unloading areas—it doesn’t matter where the jeepney stops. If the vehicle isn’t stopped where it’s supposed to, do not get off.

4.Jaywalking is still a violation. Playing “patintero” is great, just avoid doing it on the streets (and against vehicles). People have forgotten this, maybe because of the lack in implementation? or maybe we just don’t care. Remember that vehicles aren’t the only cause of traffic, pedestrians who don’t know when and where to cross can contribute to this more.

5.Yellow means wait. Or be cautious because the light is about to turn red. This doesn’t mean “speed up” or “catch up”. You are not in a race, being hasty in these moments will cause you and the people around more harm than you can imagine.

6.Parking Areas. Not all free areas on the road are parking spaces, OK? Don’t park on crowded streets because parking lots are far, or in yellow boxes just because their empty. You’re hassling other drivers who just wanna get by, do you want that done to you? (No, right?)

7.Don’t block pedestrians lanes. You see those white stripes on the street? You know, the one people use to walk across. It’s there so people without cars can get to the other side of the street—it’s not supposed to serve as a waiting area while you wait for the green light. Make it a point not to block it at intersections.


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