Smart To Hold Mobile Legends Tournament In CDO, Total Prize: P30,000

Smart To Hold Mobile Legends Tournament In CDO, Total Prize: P30,000

Mga higala! Smart Communications, in partnership with the office of Deputy Speaker Rufus Rodriguez and Youth With Cong. Rufus, will be holding a MOBILE LEGENDS tournament in Cagayan de Oro City!

This tournament will have the following cash prizes:

  • 2nd Runner-up: P5,000
  • 1st Runner-up: P10,000
  • Grand Champion: 15,000

Interested? Below are the rules, requirements, and more:


  1. Players must join in 1 team only
  2. Players must be available for all tournament dates and time
  3. The act of registering for this tournament implies full acceptance of all terms, conditions, rules, and regulations stated, in its entirety;
  5. All Players must be a GRANDMASTER rank and up
  6. This tournament is exclusive only to Smart/TNT users
  7. Must like the official Youth with Cong Rufus Facebook page
  8. Must like and share the Mobile Legends Tournament post from the Youth with Cong. Rufus page:
  9.  Must like Smart Play Mindanao facebook
  10. Players must be 18 to 30 years old


  1. Must consist of the following players per team: 5 members; including 1 team captain
  2. Replacing any registered players are strictly prohibited
  3. By registering, Teams acknowledge that all usage of photos, videos, and any form of recording during the tournament have been given legal consent by the players for media and tournament purposes
  4. One team shall represent every numbered barangay and two teams every rural barangay
  5. Only people from the same BARANGAY can form a team
  6. There shall be NO TEAMS composing of mixed barangays


  1. Each team will be paired randomly to another team and battle for single elimination. The other team that will lose the battle is automatically out of the tournament. The winning team will continue playing in the tournament and fight for the title
  2. There will be an official Messenger Group Chat for the Team Captains
  3. Teams are expected to be in the in-game lobby at the designated time and given a 10-minute before the game match starts
  4. If one team is not ready at the designated time, the match will continue


  1. The first team to destroy the opposing team’s base will win
  2. Only the host, referee, and admins/moderators can create the lobby
  3. Skins are allowed
  4. No in-game chat allowed to avoid trash talking
  5. Draft pick will be used in semi-finals and finals matches
  6. The finals will be a best of 3 match, other matches shall be single elimination

Wanna register? Just coordinate with your respective Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) officers!

For updates and more details, follow:


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