DA Sec eyes solar-powered irrigation system in Mindanao

DA Sec eyes solar-powered irrigation system in Mindanao

solar power irrigation mindanao

Department of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol disclosed that solar-powered irrigation system and circular fish and vegetable tanks are soon to be operational by December in Barangay New Janiuay, M’lang, North Cotabato.

The new innovations would soon ease farmers in tilling and watering the rice fields, raising tilapia and growing vegetables. Pinol said the project and system designed were provided by a group of Filipino and American engineers.

Pinol said that the system could pump out 300 gallons of water every minute to irrigate 100 hectares of rice fields in about 15 days using PVC pipes in the water distribution rather than open canals.

He also added that they are also planning to put up two circular tanks dubbed as “Circles of Life that will serve as water sources for growing vegetables and tilapia nurseries.

Source: Sunstar.com

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