A soldier of Mother Earth: Ms.CdeO 2016 Sherlyn Doloriel’s advocacy in the Miss Philippines Earth 2017 competition

A soldier of Mother Earth: Ms.CdeO 2016 Sherlyn Doloriel’s advocacy in the Miss Philippines Earth 2017 competition

Sherlyn Doloriel in Miss Philippines Earth Pageant

Source: Miss Philippines Earth Official Youtube Channel

Being in a beauty pageant does not only mean beauty and brains but most importantly. In fact, the advocacy of a candidate is what carries her to stand out among the other contestants.

With the coming of the Miss Philippines Earth competition as one of the much-awaited beauty pageants in the country, Miss Cagayan 2016, Sherlyn Doloriel is set to compete amongst hundreds of other beautiful Filipinas for the most coveted crown. The Miss Philippines Earth organization’s youtube channel published a teaser of our very own CdeO candidate’s advocacy.

A nature-lover, Sherlyn has long been a licensed scuba diver which she finds as a wonderful treat to herself since being underneath the ocean brings a lot of ideas on the endless possibilities of what mother nature can give. However, she said that our inappropriate activities in the land which affect the condition of the bodies of water.

From there, she gauges her environmental advocacy called “Active Citizen”; a vision in which she put her ideals of “maximizing the need to be guided with the 5 R’s”.

She is pertaining to the combination of 3 R’s of maintaining the orderliness and cleanliness of surroundings namely, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with the additional of two R’s, Rethink and Respect.

Through her advocacy, the wastes that human beings are producing every day will be reduced and its effects on the surrounding bodies of water will also be lessened, if not entirely eradicated.

According to her, as human beings, we should reflect to ourselves our activities which gravely affected the environment and think of ways towards its rehabilitation and preservation.

She also added that the protection of the environment is not a single activity but instead, should be done on a daily basis that needs the participation of everybody.

As hopeful as she may be, Sherlyn’s advocacy to protect Planet Earth from destruction will not be turning into reality without the cooperation of human beings. We do not have to become a beauty queen to be able to give our contribution to the cause. We only need the genuine heart that truly cares for the environment.


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