Delicious Catch: Specialty Fish Dishes in Cagayan de Oro

Delicious Catch: Specialty Fish Dishes in Cagayan de Oro

fish dishes in cdo

It’s a fact that you can do a lot while staying in Cagayan de Oro. Ask the locals and we can give you hundreds of reasons why go to Cagayan de Oro.

To name you one, CDO has tempting fish dishes that you must try. Join us as we enumerate them in this list!

Pompano Kardilyo

Location: La Piazza Uptown Park, Mastersons Avenue, Upper Balulang (fronting Corpus Christi Uptown), Cagayan de Oro

fish dishes in cdo

Image Source: TIA Maria’s fb page

If you live near Uptown CDO, you must not miss to visit TIA Maria’s and try their Pompano Kardilya.

This dish is made up of Pompano fillets fried to a golden brown crisp and then served atop a bed of beaten egg sauce.

Dinulutan A Seda

Cucina Higala has always been a part of everyone’s bucket list when visiting Cagayan de Oro. Not only does this restaurant exhibit the beauty of Mindanao with its interior, but in food also.

fish dishes in cdo

Image Source: Cucina Higala fb page

Their Dinilutan A Seda, which is a dish made up of mudfish that is fried to crispy perfection and then served on lime flavored coconut milk dressing, is a must-try. It also comes with chili, green mango, and roasted coconut.

Fresh Tuna Kinilaw

Location: Plates & Crates Food Park, Masterson’s Road, Balulang, Cagayan de Oro

fish dishes in cdo

Image Source: Tuna Republik fb page

Tuna Republik just opened in Uptown CDO last March 15 making their menu available for all Kagay-anons.

Try their fresh tuna kinilaw to complete the feast you are enjoying with your family or friends.

Crispy Tuna Skin

We’re guessing that you enjoy anything that’s crunchy. How about trying Garahe Grill 7×7 Grill House‘s Crispy Tuna Skin.

Image Source: Garahe Grill 7×7 Grill House fb page

Perfect to pair with your favorite alcoholic drink.

This is not yet a complete list so might as well let us know other fish dishes you have tried here in CDO. Comment them down below!

To learn more about these businesses, go to CDO Listing. Want to be added? Contact us!

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