SPM 10 Released Two New Design Collections Fit For Your Dream House

SPM 10 Released Two New Design Collections Fit For Your Dream House

Strategic Property Management (SPM) 10, your premier home design solutions in Cagayan De Oro City, has released two new house design collections that would surely fit the house that you’ve been dreaming about for you and your family.


SPM 10 is the leading home design destination here in CDO and has been providing customers with exquisite houses that provide flexibility and stability. They specialized in construction project management and property management which makes it easier for their customers to plan product design, specifications, and cost. SPM 10 guides customers to their needs and help achieve the vision for their house.

Residencia Filipina Collection

This collection is named after famous classical Filipina personas in the Hispanic era – Inocensia, Catalina, Soledad, Cresencia, and Corazon.


This house is a two storey classic home for startup families. It has one garage fit for a single parent,  working moms or a new couple. It has a total area of 100 sqm meters and has one master bedroom and 3 extra rooms. Living and dining area is spacious enough for a family with one or three kids.

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Boasting a 120 square meter area, this house has a master bedroom, 3 extra rooms, and a maid’s room. Good for a growing family, it has also 3 comfort rooms with a master bath tub.

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A classic home great for a growing family. It is a 150 square meter house with very spacious hallways and large balcony. It has a master bedroom with a walk-in closet. Three extra rooms with one maid’s room. Garage area can fit a car and maybe a motorcycle.

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The 2nd biggest area of the collection with about 180 square meters in size. Family area is very spacious with separate dining area and living areas. Balcony is huge with one master bedroom, five extra rooms and a maid’s room. Good for a big family.

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The biggest floor are in this collection with about 200 square meter. It has the biggest loan area where you can put ornaments and plants. Living area and rooms are very spacious with a master balcony.

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Named after Hollywood Royalties – Scarlett (Scarlett Johansen), Kirsten (Kirsten Dunst), Kate (Kate Hudson), Lindsay (Lindsay Lohan) and Allison (Allison Janey), this modern take on house design would surely cater to those who are looking for elegance and sophistication.


This 100 square meter 2 storey house is good for a growing family. With one babies bedroom, two extra rooms, a guest room and maid’s room, this house will surely be ideal for a family with 3-5 members.

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A house designed in 120 sqm land that could accommodate 8 to 10 people as it has 5 bedrooms including the maid’s room, guest room and master bedroom. It already has a carport and two balconies where the family could chill out.

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This house is designed on a 150 sqm land. It has more space than the previous design houses as it has a carport, a lanai, two balconies, a porch and a space for your walk-in closet. It could also accommodate 8 to 10 people as it has 5 bedrooms. Kate is also differs from the previous houses as it has a family area for quality and bonding time.

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With a 180 sqm land, this designed house could also accommodate 8 to 10 people. It has 5 bedrooms, a carport, a porch, a lanai, a balcony and a family area. Lindsay is not just an ordinary two-storey designed house as  it has an attic, it could give your family an additional space for storage or may be an additional bedroom for the growing family.

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And lastly the biggest designed house on a 200 sqm land could accommodate 10 to 12 people. It has seven bedrooms, maid’s room and a guest room is located at the ground floor of the house, two other bedrooms and a master bedroom is situated at the second floor while the other two bedrooms are at the attic. It also has a carport, lanai, porch and a balcony.

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For inquiries, you can contact 09359885175. You could also message on ACAdeO facebook page www.facebook.com/cagayandeoroinsider.

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