SSS NorthMin to investigate check encashment anomaly

SSS NorthMin to investigate check encashment anomaly

SSS northmin to investigate check encashment anomaly


In an article from Manila Times News Website, the Social Security System (SSS) Northern Mindanao Office has been tasked to investigate the issue surrounding the check encashment anomaly in its regional office in Cagayan de Oro City.

The investigation resulted after complaints regarding SSS loan checks not reaching the intended beneficiaries were brought up to SSS Commissioner Pompee La Viña who immediately issued the directive.

It was later discovered that the checks have already been sent to the intended beneficiaries but one case revealed regarding an SSS member who works as a security guard who complained about not being able to claim his SSS loan check and was only informed that somebody encashed it at a local bank.  

La Viña stressed out that those who will be found guilty in the anomaly should be “…sent to jail.” and companies that will fail to remit the SSS premium contribution of their employees will be charged accordingly with criminal cases.

He also urged those SSS members who were not able to receive their checks to fill out the required forms so that they will be issued with new checks in their names.

To date, the SSS Regional Office in Cagayan de Oro City already filed cases against 500 businesses and companies that failed to remit SSS contributions of their employees.

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