Supreme Court Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Petition

Supreme Court Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Petition

same-sex marriage

Mga higala! The Supreme Court has junked the petition to allow SAME-SEX MARRIAGE in the Philippines!

According to reports, the high court voted unanimously, 15-0, to dismiss the same-sex marriage petition on account of lack of standing of petitioner Jesus Falcis, violation of the principle of hierarchy of courts and failing to raise actual, justiciable controversy.

The supreme court also cited Falcis and his counsels in indirect contempt and explained that “to forget the bare rudiments of court procedure and decorum – or worse, to purport to know them, but really, only to exploit them by way of propaganda – and then, to jump headlong into the taxing endeavor of constitutional litigation is a contemptuous betrayal of the high standards of the legal profession.”

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