Survey Says Cdeo Is 2nd With Highest Maternal Deaths In Northmin

Survey Says Cdeo Is 2nd With Highest Maternal Deaths In Northmin

Survey says CdeO is 2nd with highest  maternal deaths in NorthMin


In an article from Sunstar Cagayan de Oro, A survey conducted by the Commission on Population (POPCOM)-Northern Mindanao showed that Cagayan de Oro City is the 2nd next to the province of Bukidnon with many cases of the maternal deaths in Region 10 from.

The survey recorded an increase in Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) from 103.3% in 2014 to 105.14% in 2015 which means that the number of women who died while pregnant or giving birth increased in the city.

Popcom-Northern Mindanao Regional Director Jeremias GGupit said that a  number of factors affects the increase of maternal deaths in the city and there should be a considerable amount of interventions coming from the local government to treat the issue.

Gupit said that It has been known that one of the leading causes why mothers die before or after giving birth is the delay of going to be seem by a specialist due to their unending duties at home or the case of women getting pregnant at such a young age hiding their conditions away from the public.

He noted that one of the needed actions in order to save the life of a pregnant woman from possible complications is simply the support coming from her family and from the society. More so, the application of one of the several ways of family planning is the best solution to solve the issue of maternal deaths, overpopulation and poverty in the region.

“Family planning through counseling in home visits is being done by 1,042 barangay population volunteers in the region. So far, there are 12, 436 couples who received information on family planning. Out of the 3, 219 unmet need, 2,214 were served with the contraceptive method they prefer,” Gupit said.

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