Taser Guns and Body Cameras on Police Officers, is it Advisable?

Taser Guns and Body Cameras on Police Officers, is it Advisable?

On August 16, Tuesday, critics of the government’s war on drugs suggested that police officers should just use Taser gun instead of firearms and to wear body cameras during anti-drug operations.

do you want us to die

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa reacted to this and asked them if they want the police to die. As he spoke, “I don’t see any reason why you want to emasculate the PNP. Do you want us to die? You’ve seen that those killed are armed. And these are drug-crazed people. The Taser, you can use when someone is unarmed and not dangerous.”

On the same day, Dela Rosa summoned top PNP officials for a Command Conference. Within this week, Dela Rosa and other top police officers will attend the Senate probe about the supposed extrajudicial killings and execution summary of police operations.

Over 600 drugs suspects were killed during anti-drug operations across the country. With the same operation, thousands of drug victims surrendered and were arrested.

With this operations, critics fussed for supposedly encouraging a practice of violence. Police officers were also accused of taking an easier alternative in their campaign against illegal drugs.

Dela Rosa defended his troops saying that he assumes regularity in their operations. However, some sectors insisted that police should just use stun guns instead of firearms or install body cameras to erase all doubts of misconduct.

Dela Rosa said that there are several of his units died or were critically injured in their operations. He added, “I don’t see any reason why I will tell my policemen to give criminals a chance to kill them. No, I will never do that.”

Dela Rosa said that he himself is also against extrajudicial killings but police cannot go unprepared. He stated, “When a policeman goes to a raid, you must be ready to kill or be killed. That’s how it is. There is no in-between.”

With regards to the body cameras, Dela Rosa answered, “We’re having a hard time buying bullets and guns for our personnel and you’re thinking of buying cameras? Let’s cover the basics that our personnel needs to defend themselves and not to defend the other party.”

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