Tell Me How You Eat Your Barney’s Burger and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Tell Me How You Eat Your Barney’s Burger and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Every aspect in our life and every move we make pretty much reflects and actually speaks about our own personality. And yes, this includes eating.

Eating habits can actually reveal facts of an individual’s personality and behavioral tendencies and here’s what the way you chug down that Barney’s Burger speaks about you.


#1 Bunless Eaters

People eating burgers without the buns are the free spirited kinds of people. They are the ones who are health-conscious and the ones who struggles to stay disciplined.


#2 Eating With Fork and Knife

Those who eat their burgers with a knife and fork are the nonconformist type of people who are also confident and are kind of a clean freak. They also are a naturally born leader as they do what they want without thinking what anyone has to say about them.


#3 Throwing Away The Pieces

People who tastes every piece inside their burger. The ones who believes that variety is the spice of life. They are a little controlling but also knows the trick to fun and excitement. Knows what they like and are not afraid to go after it.


#4 Devouring All At Once

These are the people who devour the burger and enjoys every bite of it all at once which translates to them being natural players in a team setting. They are the people who stick by when you want to enjoy and just avoid all the dramas in life. They are also the ones you can always count on.

But no matter how you eat your Barney’s Burger, the important thing is that you enjoy chugging down those delicious and tender burger.

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