Ten Best Viral Dance Challenges of 2016

Ten Best Viral Dance Challenges of 2016

2016 is the year of Dance Challenges. Almost every month there is a new dance craze to follow just around the corner and people are getting hyped making videos of themselves with their friends performing these dance challenges.

These are the best 2016 Best Viral Dance Challenges of 2016.

1. Jumpshot Challenge

Sang by Dawin who in 2015 proliferated the dance craze “Dessert.”

2. Closer Dance Challenge

Who could forget one of the best song of 2016. Closer sang by the Chainsmokers.

3. Horns Dance Challenge

A music produced by DJ Katch caught the heart of Filipinos as this song is one of the best dance craze in the country with TV shows lining up to their own challenges.

4. Ignition Dance Challenge

This is an old pop song popularized by R Kelly which was released in 2003. Zues Collings of PBB started the craze with his own version of choreography.

5. She She Dance Challenge

The She She song that Kage Untalan made which became viral online has become a dance challenge for some Filipinos.


6. Fetty Wap Dance Challenge

Nobody’s Better Sang by Z ft. Fetty Wap has captured every Filipino’s heart beat.


7. Running Man Challenge

An addictive internet trend by college basketball players and has been picked up some international artists and local artists.

8. Trumpets Challenge

Release in March 2016 sang by Sak Noel and Salvi Ft. Sean Paul has been one of the best viral dance craze this year.

9. Ju Ju on the Beat Challenge

Probably the most recent dance challenge in the country. Sang by Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall this song has been performed by some local artist such as Ronnie Alonte and Inigo Pascual.


10. PPAP Dance Challenge

Who could forget the most annoying video that we love this year? Yes!

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