Ten Most Annoying Viral Video of 2016 That We Love

Ten Most Annoying Viral Video of 2016 That We Love

2016 is almost over! This year has been an annoyingly fun year, do you agree with that? Many people are now open to technology. From taking pictures to dancing and anything that makes them go viral. Well, we have watched some funny videos that could make us laugh out loud but some videos are kinda, er, there something off with it but we find it funny and entertaining. Here’s a year-end tribute to all annoying fun videos that went viral this 2016.


People nowadays say “Don’t Smoke, Just Vape,” as it is more healthy than cigarettes. They also made fun of the smoke, have it in circles and some amazing tricks.

9. Pak Ganern

This challenge was introduced by Vice Ganda at Showtime. This challenge should be done with two or more participants, the more the merrier.


This is so common for teenagers this day. Everywhere they go, Dab! Studying, Dab! Cooking, Dab! Everything, Dab!

7. Annoyingly Brilliant America’s Got Talent Performance

This video is a strange act of a man who calls himself, Tape Face. He performed a strange act that made the audience speechless.


6. Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nag . . . .

Have you tried posting this on you Facebook status? Netizens tend to put this line as they status on Facebook. Most of them say, Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nag Move on.

5.Spoken Word Poetry

Bisaya people are also known for their witty poems that would capture the hearts of the netizens. Every line, people would say “Sakto gayud na!” or “Relate much!”


This mobile application also went viral for its unique features. You just gonna lip sync and try to put some effects by flipping or turning your phone.

3.If Movies are Philippine-Made

Are you a fan of Ang Probinsyano, the Filipino action drama television series aired on ABS-CBN? I guess you already know its theme song. But many netizens are so fond of the song that they turned it into a background music for other famous movies. Here’s a clip of a superman movie with the Wag Ka Ng Umiyak by Gary Valenciano.

2. Train To Busan Parody

This Korean film made its debut last July but people are still having their hangover with this movie that they just can’t move on! Many Filipinos made a parody of it which also made the movie go viral.

1.Pen Pineapple Pen (PPAP) by Piko Taro

Have you heard of this song? Well if not, you missed half of your life. Nah! Just kidding! But people would think of you that way tho, swear! PPAP is the most viral song ever made in the history of randomness.


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