The Increasing Discontent in Mindanao

The Increasing Discontent in Mindanao


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The Kidapawan incident might have been just a triggering factor in exposing a general problem that the people of Mindanao are facing right now.

The current power outage is the latest of the struggles that Mindanao is facing. Drought caused by the El Niño phenomenon has made the Pulangi River and Lake Lanao water sources to produce less than half of its expected amount of Energy into the greater part of Mindanao.

The answers to this problem lie on the fossil-fuel power plants that may alleviate the loss of energy that has been devastating Mindanao.

A disappointing 5-hour rotating brownout is circulating within the Davao area to utilize the limited amount of energy that has been produced by these huge hydroelectric power plants.

The energy demand grows and the annoyance, mostly on businessmen, has been increasing.

This problem in power supply might cause a dispute on this year’s Election Day. The statistics from International Alert’s Bangsamoro Conflict Monitoring System and the South and Eastern Mindanao Conflict Database shows that the number of crimes is increasing drastically in the Bangsamoro area as the election period is nearing.

The question will then be asked if these areas are supplied with the proper amount of energy during the elections. Fraud might find its way into this year’s election if this current problem in Mindanao will not be addressed.

In retrospect, the 2004 elections have its schemes of fraud implemented in Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao by using the outages as cover up in their dishonest attempts to take the highest seat of the country.

The power outage problem might not just cause an environmental problem, but even political predicaments that deprived of security in which Mindanao needs. The Government has to ensure the people that the amount of electricity on Election Day might suffice the needed amount avoiding unnecessary interruptions.

Reallocation of energy share can solve this demand. By proper distribution of power, commercial buildings can absorb the effect of the power outages, before the small households that consume only a small amount of energy.

Power is more than just an electrical supply, but a factor for political stability.

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    I disagree with this statement in the article 🙁 — “The answers to this problem lie on the fossil-fuel power plants that may alleviate the loss of energy that has been devastating Mindanao.”

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