El Pueblo A Sus Heroes Mystery And The Andres Bonifacio Theory

El Pueblo A Sus Heroes Mystery And The Andres Bonifacio Theory

Out of all the monuments found in Plaza Divisoria (Cagayan de Oro City), there is this one statue that bares a strong piece of mystery. Unlike other statues, this piece along Velez bares on the words “El Pueblo A Sus Heroes”, which means “People To Their Heroes” or “From The Town To Its Heroes” depending on who you ask. But, nevertheless, it bares the same idea – a symbol of how the people appreciate and greatly respect the heroes of the town for their bravery.

 Is it really Andress Bonifacio?

For years people have thought and believed that the unnamed monument “El Pueblo A Sus Heroes” in Cagayan de Oro, braving the pose of heroic person with a jungle knife in one hand, and flag on the other, is that of Andress Bonifacio ( “The Father of the Philippine Revolution”).The familiar pose also falls similar to other monuments of Andres Bonifacio all throughout the country. Some even say the face bares great resemblance to that of brave hero.

But is it really Andres Bonifacio? That is one mystery yet to be proven.

El Pueblo A Sus Heroes Statue (Plaza Divisoria – Cagayan de Oro CIty)

Andres Bonifacio is widely considered the hero that represents the common people. With a very simple life and less lavishing image, he encompasses the image of a brave Filipino ready to face struggles, a thing which a lot of us Filipinos can relate to.

Because of this, it won’t really be a surprise if the artist envisioned the image of Bonifacio while making the monument of such message.

The Story of Bones Beneath

However, there lies another mystery in this symbolic statue. A mystery filled with history and heroic deeds.

I’m not sure if a lot of Kagay-anons know this, but if history was right this monument not only symbolizes the unparalleled bravery of our fallen soldiers, but it also contains the bones of those very soldiers inside.

(Hint: There is a door behind that monument.)

hidden door – El Pueblo A Sus Heroes

It was said that during his (A. Velez) term as Mayor of Cagayan de Misamis, he established the “Cry of Freedom” monument in memory of his comrades-in-arms. This goes to show the honor and brotherhood that soldiers have despite all odds.

His Story or History. Whichever it is, it holds one truth and message. That the brave are not and should not only be remembered, but thanked for and honored as well.

Maybe its him (Bonifacio) or maybe it was just an artists interpretation of how the People recognize their heroes. What’s important is the inspiration we get from such monument.

Perhaps the mystery is intended so we can see ourselves represent that statue and the message it brings. No matter who we are.

FYI: Apolinar Velez was a second lieutenant of infantry of the Spanish army, and decorated soldier with a Medalla de Mindanao under his name. He was also made chief of the division of justice of the provincial council of the Revolutionary Government two years later, he was promoted to the rank of major of the revolutionary army and chief of the battalion “El Mindanao.” (Source: Apolinar Velez -Wikipedia)


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