Tilaw CDO: The Search for the Best Tasting Local Foods in Cagayan de Oro

Tilaw CDO: The Search for the Best Tasting Local Foods in Cagayan de Oro

tilaw cdo

Admit it. We love eating, be it savory, sweet, or what have you. I, myself, like food that has hints of cinnamon or fruity flavor. How about you?

Now, have you heard of the word “mukbang”? It is a Korean word which directly translates to “eating broadcast”. How can one identify if a video is a mukbang one? Well, if you happen to stumble upon a video which features a person eating a large quantity of food while making conversations with the audience, then that’s a mukbang video.

Millions of such videos have already been posted to video sharing platforms, especially on Facebook and YouTube and everyone actually enjoys watching them, and that includes me. We can’t just help it but find them interesting and fun.

Here in Cagayan de Oro, there are not many personalities that do mukbang. BUT, if you feel like watching people that give honest reviews to some of the local restaurants here in the city, lucky you as we in ACADEO have initiated a food tasting segment called “Tilaw CDO”.

Check out the following videos where our local host “Juanson” tries different signature foods from local restaurants and home-based shops here in CDO.

Spinach Formaggi Pizza from Demetrio’s Pizza & Pasta

You can watch the full episode of the live show here: https://fb.watch/7VA3dNcZoN

Seafood Cravings from Shrimpips

Watch the full episode here: https://fb.watch/8m8VwYfu1S

Mexican Food from Timoy’s Kitchenette (PIZZADILLA)

Watch the full episode here: https://fb.watch/8UCiMMJqs5/

Chicken Wings from Full Tank Diner (Mango Habañero)

Watch the full episode here: https://fb.watch/8UCpm_V48n/

What’s New To Try at Chingkeetea (Grape Chi-Chee and Tropical Fruit Tea)

Watch the full episode here: https://fb.watch/8UCy05riqA/

Place to Chill + Unli Proven at Drunkyard Restobar

Watch the full episode here: https://fb.watch/8ROZba3TV1/

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