Top Bisaya Hit Songs of 2016

Top Bisaya Hit Songs of 2016

Our music industry has always been a patron for international artists and some of our local talents are left behind with less recognition for the work that they do. In 2015, the surge of pinoy pop songs have stormed online and people are recognizing our local talents including Bisaya Artists.

Bisaya songs are on the rise, as more Bisdak Artists are inspired to write songs in their own dialect. Here are the top Bisaya song of 2016.

Pagsure Uy!

By Zhalia

This indie song has garnered more than 1.5 million views and 40K shares on Facebook. The song is composed by Jeremy Sarmiento and performed by a Davao all girl group Zhalia. The song has been featured in FM radio hits and garnered top spots. Zhalia is a girl group (trio) which is composed of Jetz, Shaira and Julia. The trio is a Multi gold medalist in World Championships of Performing Arts 2015 (WCOPA).


By: Jayniel Enriquez & Joseph Gara

The song became the grand winner of Vispop 4.0. The songs talks about longing and pain between a wife and a sailor husband who risks his life at sea. This song is composed by Joseph Gara.

Pero Atik Ra!

By: Jacqueline Chang

A Youtube view of about 1.5 million, this song sure is a hit with Bisdak audience. Composed by Rowell Ucat and Jude Gitamnodoc. The song talks about a girl who wants to just forget all her feelings for a boy, who doesn’t even care.

Kung Siya Man

By: Tj Monterde

What more better way to show a Bisdak talent than through our very own Kagay-anon – TJ Monterde. This new acoustic balladeer hails from Cagayan de Oro and a former student of Xavier University. His most popular song is “Tulad Mo” which gained 5 million views in Youtube and topped radio hits throughout the country.


By: Kurt Fick

The most popular Bisaya song in 2016 is Hahasula which have gained popularity even in Metro Manila. Composed by Rowell Ucat and Jude Gitamondoc, the song became a household anthem in Cebu and other parts of Mindanao.

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