Top High Schools in Cagayan de Oro City Based on Consistent NAT Rankings

Top High Schools in Cagayan de Oro City Based on Consistent NAT Rankings

High schools in Cagayan De Oro City Philippines are usually ranked based on its percentage grade from its results from the National Achievement Test (NAT).

The National Achievement Test for High School

The original high school achievement test that started in the 1970’s was the NCEE (National College Entrance Examination). The NCEE was replaced by the NSAT (National Secondary Achievement Test) in 1994. Basically the NCEE and NSAT were similar in that they served as a sort of college entrance grading system rather than a secondary level achievement rating. In 2006, the old Department of Education, Culture, and Sports (DECS) was converted to Department of Education (DepEd), and with this change came the shift to the NAT that served as a real achievement measurement not only for individual 4th year high school students but also for the high school as a whole. Thus, high schools in a certain city or region can now be ranked based on its percentage grade from the NAT rankings.

Gusa Regional Science High School

regional science high school

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It’s not surprising that the most consistently top ranked high school in Cagayan de Oro happens to be the Regional Science High School, Region 10, Northern Mindanao. Many of its students actually hail from middle class income and high income families because of the high quality level of teaching in the school.

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It was founded in 1994 as a Regional Science Annex of Gusa National High School, eventually shifting to its present status in 2002. The school has been consistent not only its top ranking in the NAT but also in its academic fielding as one of the top 10 public high schools in the Philippines as well as bagging numerous national and international competitions in academics and campus journalism.

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Elementary graduates can only take the school’s entrance examination if they have a weighted average of at least 85% and a final grade of at least 85% in English, Science, and Math, and no grade lower than 83% in other subjects.

Oro Christian Grace School

oro christian school

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This non-profit, sectarian, and non-Catholic private high school was established in 1986 in a small lot in Biasong Tinib in Macasandig. Today, the school can be seen from the main roads due to its tall buildings, giving reality to its past dream to become CDO’s leading Christian School coupling academic excellence with spiritual development and competent character.

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The school also offers Chinese language arts. The school has a unique two-teachers-to-30-students-ratio, thus, making sure that teachers get to spend real quality time with all their students and to be able to pinpoint strengths or weaknesses in the students.

Xavier University High School

xavier university high school

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Consistently placing in the top 5 of NAT rankings, Xavier High School’s low scoring for two straight years is probably due to the students having to adjust to occupying temporary classrooms at the SBM Commerce and Faber Hall Buildings at the main campus on Corrales Avenue. The high school campus at Pueblo de Oro had to undergo major renovations and reconstruction.

xavier university high school gym

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In spite of this, Xavier High School has been consistently ranked high even during the NCEE and NSAT years, and now more than ever with NAT. A partnership of academic learning with Jesuit pedagogical character development enables the school to churn out quality graduates even in large numbers. This opening school year for 2015-2016 will see the students return to their Pueblo de Oro campus.

COC-PHINMA High School

cagayan de oro college

With the shift from being a locally owned family business starting in 1947 to being run and managed by the PHINMA Education Network after it was acquired in 2005, physically and academically the school has grown and improved in great leaps forward, none more so than its high school department.

cagayan de oro college high school

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Its high school is one of the few in the city that not only attracts Cagayanons but also students from as far as Bukidnon, Camiguin, and the neighboring towns and cities in Misamis Oriental. From its present main campus on Max Suniel Street in Carmen, it now has satellite locations in Agusan and Puerto.

Liceo de Cagayan University High School

liceo de cagayan university high school

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Liceo High School is part of the Liceo de Cagayan University basic education system as part of its non-sectarian thrust at their main campus on Rodelsa Avenue in Carmen. The high school came about only in 1981, but by 1998 when the school received its university status, the secondary education standard of teaching has greatly improved in great bounds, turning out hundreds of quality high school graduates each year. Its faculty focuses on teaching that prepares its students to the realities of college learning, possible vocational leanings, entrepreneurship, innovation, self-reliance, creativeness, and mature responsibilities.

Corpus Christi High School

corpus christi school

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With its original and main campus in Macasandig since 1975 , and its new campus on Fr. Masterson Avenue in Upper Carmen, Corpus Christi is actually registered as a non-sectarian school, in spite of its given name. With its adherence to academic excellence also comes a tolerant balance to try to accommodate the different religions in its campuses.

corpus christi gym

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Thus, even while the school has regular catholic masses, it also allows other Christian sects and even its Muslim students to hold their own services. The original school in 1975 found its beginnings in The Little School House along Tomas Saco Street. Academic excellence is focused mostly on language, writing, science, and math.

 Consistent NAT rankings

Because of the constant shifting in NAT rankings for local high schools in the Cagayan de Oro area, the researchers faced the problem of disproportionate rankings between small high schools and large ones. For instance, a high school with only 100 4th year students has a distinct advantage in percentage rankings over, say, a large high school with 500 4th year students taking the NAT. Thus, consistency is important when ranking the top high schools. However, by 2016, NAT will no longer be the basis for ranking high schools; with the entry of the K-12 program, NAT will serve as the basis if a student should move on to college or take a specialized vocational program in Year 11 and 12.

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