Top Movies to Watch Out for this March 2017

Top Movies to Watch Out for this March 2017

March will be upon us by next week and this signals the start of the summer peak season for movies for the summer school break. This means there are quality films to choose from.

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Naturally, with the coming choices of movies lined up starting in March, some have the potential to be box office blockbusters. So, in celebration of successful final exams, going to the movies with friends, or a movie date with the whole family, let’s take a look at the coming movies scheduled for worldwide release on March.

Logan (March 3)

You could say that Logan is the Marvel comic book movie for people who hate Marvel comic book movies. Unlike the past X-men and Wolverine movies, director James Mangold shows us a very uncommonly mature movie removed from the usual comic fare. This movie is demanding and deserves to be taken seriously even for an elegy for a mutant. Hugh Jackman reprises his role as the classic loner Wolverine, but now using his real name, Logan, since the film is set many years after almost all mutants have been hunted down after a law was passed criminalizing mutants globally. As the movie progresses, viewers will definitely see why this movie is different from other mutant movies.

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Seeing full visuals of adamantium blades from Logan’s bloodied knuckles slashing flesh and bone isn’t a pretty sight, but very impressive. The complication of the movie is Logan trying to care for 90-year old Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and child mutant Laura Kinney (Dafne Keen) who has the same powers as Logan. The acting for everyone is top-rate, especially with Keen who doesn’t say much, but whose eyes and body language can say more than any paragraph could, similar to how Natalie Portman in The Professional could portray through her eyes. The film slyly hints at how evil and dark humans can collectively become and perhaps the time is needed to make humans an endangered species.

Beauty and the Beast (March 17)

Now that Walt Disney has established the trend of releasing live-action re-telling of animated films such as The Jungle Book and Maleficent, it was only a matter of time before Beauty and the Beast would get its turn. This human re-telling of the animated classic will somewhat refashion the characters from the tale as old as time for a more modern audience, but still staying true to the original music while adding several new songs to the film. The film will tell the same story of Belle, a bright, independent, and beautiful young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle.

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Despite her fears, Belle befriends the castle’s strange staff and learns to look beyond the beast’s frightening exterior, and slowly sees a kind heart and soul of a prince within. Belle is played by Harry Potter favorite Emma Watson, with Dan Stevens as the beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Kevin Kline as Maurice, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere the candelabra, Stanley Tucci as Cadenza the harpsichord, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth the mantle clock, and Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts the teapot. The film reprises the Stockholm syndrome concept found in the animated classic.

Kong: Skull Island (March 10)

King Kong movies have been retold and remade numerous times, and the most recent one was definitely a box office hit. But what makes Kong: Skull Island different is the timeline itself, set at the height of the Vietnam War. While other remakes are made either going back to the original 1930’s era or set in the present day, Skull Island is set in 1971 when a group of explorers escorted by a company of soldiers are investigating rumors that a group of islands in the Pacific are holding creatures both monstrous and prehistoric. Skull Island is this very island of legend and the creatures the humans soon come across will have everyone running for their lives.

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Soon Kong shows up to let all known that he is the king of Skull Island and at the top of the food chain, which leaves the humans at the very bottom, and fighting for their very survival. Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, and John Goodman make up the upper echelon of the acting in exploring the uncharted island. Expect lots of action and violence as more monsters and creatures appear in order to do battle with each other, with Kong, or just looking for human snacks. Kong is directed by Jordan Charles Vogt-Roberts. The films is said to carry hints and references to being connected to the recent Godzilla remake, suggesting perhaps a future meet up between the two.

Power Rangers (March 24)

The mighty morphin power rangers have been remade so many times in animation, in television, and in film, that we’ve lost count. Hopefully, this 2017 remake of Power Rangers will capture the modern audience already inundated with enough superhero movies. The same story applies that a group of high school kids are infused with unique superpowers and need to harness all their abilities as a team in order to save the world. Naomi Scott, R.J. Cyler, Becky G., Dacre Montgomery, and Ludi Lin star in this film playing, respectively, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger.

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Like other animated reboots that became dark and more humanly realistic such as G.I. Joe and Transformers, this remake will follow the same path, although it will be more playful in spite of being more mature. And Lionsgate has already made it known that if they stick to the same childlike storyline, characters, and fighting of the previous shows, audiences might decide to take a pass on the new Power Rangers. Whether the Japanese like it or not, the new movie will have its share of human violence. After all, isn’t Godzilla responsible for killing thousands of humans on collateral damage?

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