Top 5 Cheap DIY Christmas Decors that would surely capture the Holiday Spirit in your Homes

Top 5 Cheap DIY Christmas Decors that would surely capture the Holiday Spirit in your Homes

Christmas is just around the corner and we Filipinos love to decorate our homes to have that unforgettable Christmas experience. In case you haven’t fashioned your homes yet – and you have anxieties on how much would it cost, here are some of the cheapest DIY Christmas decors that would surely fit your budget. Cheap, Fun and Cute! Let’s Get Started!

  1. String Christmas Tree

This is the simplest and most popular DIY decor you can learn because it would only take you 2 minutes or less to do this.

Image Source: A Little Craft In Your Day

Image Source: A Little Craft In Your Day


  • Cone Shape cardboard or paper or illustration board (any size will do as long as you have enough yarn to wrap it)
  • Glue
  • Water
  • Plastic Cellophane or Foil
  • Bowl or Anything just has something to mix the glue and water
  • Scissors to cut the strings depends on how thick the tree will be
  • Strings or Yarns with the color of your choice and
  • Some bead or cute little stars to decorate your tree

Let’s do the work! Chop chop!

First, mix in the glue and water into your mixing bowl. Make sure it’s 50% water and 50% glue. Soak the strings or yarns into the mixture. Don’t leave the sticky mixture for too long as it will only leave your strings sticking into your bowl.

Next, get your cardboard cone  and cover it with plastic cellophane or foil then wrap the strings around the cone. Just feel free to wrap the cone anywhere, any direction you want.

Have it dried under the heat of the sun and don’t attempt to microwave it as it would burn the strings. Just leave it dry. When it’s really dry, you can remove the cone and the foil to make the finished product. And there you have it, if you wanted to make it more classy and attractive, you can decorate it with cute little beads or stars around it.

You can also watch and follow this video: 

You can also have it in round shape to hang on your 10 foot Christmas tree, why not? With the same process but just replace the cone shape into a balloon, wrap the strings, have it dried and pop the balloon with pins, needles or anything sharp to remove it.


Image Source: The Art of Simple

  1. Christmas Themed Candle Jars

These jars are very attractive in the dark as you can lit a candle inside. You can also have these cool jars in different occasions or have it as a room decoration. Unleash your creative and artistic side. Let’s get to work.

Watch and Follow this video to make your own Christmas candle Jars.

3. Paper Christmas Garland

This decor is quite challenging as there are quite a few steps to achieve the perfect garland. You can hang it on your walls, on top of your windows and doors. Be sure to watch the video below on how to make these cool paper Christmas Garland.

4. Christmas Ornaments perfect for you Christmas Tree

These little ornaments are easy that you can make tons of it. The ornaments are designed as wreaths decorated with colorful beads and a cute ribbon. You can hang it on the stems of your Christmas tree, to add more decorations other than Christmas balls and lights. Mom, Dad, and kids could do these ornaments and make it during your quality time.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make little Christmas Wreath Ornaments.

5. Do-it-Yourself Snowflakes

Filipinos always wanted to have a winter Christmas but the Philippines is a tropical country and we can never experience snow. But there are some people who spend thousands of money to go abroad and visit foreign countries just to experience the winter. Why not bring the winter season into your homes? These Do-it-Yourself Snowflakes are really easy and kids can’t do it as it uses a hot glue gun. It only needs few materials and effort to make these cute little snowflakes

Check this out:

Cute Bonus:

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Your kids would surely love this refrigerator snowman much like Olaf in the movie “Frozen.”

If you have a white colored refrigerator at home, you could have this cute snowman. Just decorate it with few wallpapers or other colorful papers to achieve the perfect snowman.

Image Source: A Little Craft In Your Day

Image Source: A Little Craft In Your Day

We are all excited when we hear Christmas songs as we pass by Churches, or when we go shopping at malls and even at our own homes. Kids who also sings with all their hearts to Christmas jingles as they knock on their neighbors houses saying “Maayong Pasko!.” Excited about going to Christmas parties, gatherings and reunions, receiving gifts and eating good food. Christmas is the most anticipated and exciting event of the year. We all get busy decorating our houses even though we are tired from work but seeing your own house with the Christmas decorations makes you smile and happy. Wishing you a joyous Merry Christmas!


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