Transport Group Cancels 2-day Strike

Transport Group Cancels 2-day Strike

According to sources stated by, Starex-Piston canceled the rumored transport strike all over Mindanao.

The group decided to change their approach to problems regarding the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program.

Starex-Piston Northern Mindanao Sec Gen Ringo Lago said that the group is currently conducting meetings throughout the region. They plan on finding better ways to tackle this predicament in order to avoid unnecessary hassle for their drivers and commuters.

The group has recently protested against the government’s decision to eradicate PUV’s older than 15 years to reduce possible accidents.

As some of us may remember, this was also the group that initiated a nationwide transport strike last October.

We still don’t have specific details regarding their new plans. But for the sake of all the drivers and passengers affected by this, we hope that the government hears them out in order to avoid additional problems in our community.

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