Looking for an Affordable Travel Package? – Here are Some of the Most Popular Travel Agencies in CDO that Can Give You the Best Travel Experience in Your Lifetime

Looking for an Affordable Travel Package? – Here are Some of the Most Popular Travel Agencies in CDO that Can Give You the Best Travel Experience in Your Lifetime

Travel agencies are an essential part of the airline business, particularly for all types of companies, businesses, and just individuals who need advanced booking for flights. This makes travel agencies a definite must-have for any city, especially for Cagayan de Oro City which a fast growing city with its share of foreign, national, and local investors. With that, here are some of the best travel agencies that are easy to locate and get tickets for airlines available flying the air routes to the city such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Tiger Airways, and Air Asia.

VMP Travel and Tours

vmp travel and tours

Image Source | www.facebook.com/vmptravelandtours

This travel agency at Door #2 2nd Floor VMP CDO Bldg. Tiano Montalvan Sts. is one of the most recent, having opened only in 2012, but is already proving to be a top-notch travel agency for the city. It’s well maintained and updated website is one of the few that really helps a lot. Its Facebook page is also well maintained and frequently features its airline ticket promotions and special tours for Cagayan de Oro and other places in the country. Aside from the set tours, the agency can also set up tailor-made and special travel schedules, tours, and itineraries. It can even book hotel reservations and arrange for car rentals or other ground transportation. The agency can also book flights for both local and international flights, depending on availabilities and schedules.

Majenta Travel Services

majenta travel services

Image Source | www.facebook.com/pages/Majenta-travel-and-tours

Another growing ticketing and travel agency located at the corner of Pabayo and Dolores Streets. With technology growing in leaps and bounds, the e-ticketing service has gone on a higher level, and Majenta has taken advantage of this. Most of their ticketing services are done online with their agents doing most of the work online or establishing permanent ticketing accounts with large institutions and companies. With e-ticketing services, there is no longer a need to physically appear at the ticketing office to buy an airline ticket. Many past and present clients have been pleased with the agency’s speedy service and ease to get hold of in case of untoward troubles.

Trip! Travel and Tours

trip travel and tours

Image Source | www.facebook.com/triptravelph

This agency is located at the 2nd floor, Antolin Building, Tiano Bros. and Akut Streets. They cater to booking for local and international flights as well as bookings for selected international flights and hotel accommodations even in the 5-star category. They were recently awarded by Cebu Pacific and award for “Outstanding Sales Performance on Domestic Routes.” They also offer domestic and international packages for tours, international cruises, visa assistance, and even travel insurance. They maintain a fairly good and updated website and Facebook page.

R and L Travel and Tours

r and l travel and tours

Image Source | www.facebook.com/cdoRandLtravelandtour

They mostly specialize in booking flights, ticketing services, and offering both domestic and international package tours for selected locations. They do offer other services like visa assistance, discounted hotel bookings, and the most affordable local tours packages. This agency is unique in not having a physical location since all transactions are done online or with e-ticketing services and can be reached only through mobile telephone numbers, e-mail, or on its Facebook page. Their page even offers great traveling tips and tricks advisories.

Swift Travel and Tours

swift travel and tours

Image Source | www.facebook.com/pages/Swift-TravelTours

This agency is found at the 2nd floor, Goodwill Building, Rizal Street, Gaston Park and specializes in all forms of airline flight bookings, domestic and international travel tours and packages, vacation destination promotions, international cruises, visa assistance, and other travel and ticketing services, even including international hotel reservations. They have a special connection with the Department of Tourism Region 10 office for the special classes for Tour Guide Training. Their Facebook page even offers travel tips, advisories, and even content of top hotels and destinations, internationally and locally.

Creative Travel 360 (threesixty) Tours and Travel

travel 360 cdo

Image Source | www.facebook.com/TravelThreeSixty

Another travel agency that maintains and updates a good website and Facebook page for its clientele and inquiries. Their office is at Zone 1, Vamenta Boulevard near the new J.R. Borja Bridge. They specialize in organizing Holy Land pilgrimages to Jordan, Israel, and Egypt, as well as in Aegean Sea cruise packages to Turkey and Greece. They also have domestic tours and packages for selected Philippine destinations. Naturally, their main focus is on airline e-ticketing services and visa assistance. They’re one of the first travel agencies in the city to offer special Surigao nature tours and special tailor-made educational tours in Mindanao for colleges or universities.

RJS Travel Agency

rjs travel agency

Image Source | www.facebook.com/pages/RJS-Travel-Agency/

They offer the usual airline booking and ticketing services, local and international special tour packages, visa assistance, and other travel services. Their local Camiguin and Cagayan River/River Rafting tours are their top-of-the-line service. With no physical location, all their services are done online, through e-mails, or on their Facebook page.

Dream Fun Travel and Tours

dream fun travel and tours

Image Source | www.facebook.com/pages/Dream-Fun-Travel-and-Tours

An almost landmark and familiar office at the ground floor of the Gaisano City Mall on Corrales Avenue Extension, this agency once only serviced ticket bookings for major airlines, but has since added more services to their lineup including passport and visa processing and assistance and even NSO document assistance. They also book reservations for selected hotels and food establishments around the Philippines, as well as tours and packages for major historical sites, museums, amusement parks, water adventures, and nature adventures. They call themselves a “24-hour agency” because bookings and inquiries don’t stop even when the office is closed since the travel agents can peruse online technology. It is one of the oldest travel agencies in this decade since 2007. They are also one of the most successful local travel agencies that have set up shop outside Cagayan de Oro, particularly in Pandi, Bulacan. Their website is well maintained and updated, though their Facebook page tends to lack some basic information.

Though there are virtually hundreds of travel agencies in the city, most of them are the small “mom and pop” neighborhood types too small to mention and focus more on ticketing services only. The ones mentioned above obviously have a wide range of travel and tour services that can serve both local and foreign clienteles. For all your travel and booking needs, these travel agencies will truly show you why customer service in this city is really worth a “city of golden friendship” status.


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